What are the 5 popular delicacies once considered food of the poor

Lobsters, oysters, snails... Once they were the lot of poor people, but now they are cooked in the best restaurants in the world. And experts argue with what wine and at what time of day they are better served.

Let's Go through the most popular delicacies, which from the bottom broke into high society!

1. Caviar

Now not so many people can afford to eat black caviar. However, a few centuries ago this product was produced in Russia in huge quantities and was very cheap. Caviar ate and kings, and peasants, and fishermen, and soldiers who took with them on the road in dried view.

In Europe caviar was not considered a delicacy either. Until the 16th century it was eaten only by the poor, and the nobility ate only sturgeon meat. In Japan, black caviar was considered a tripe, so it was sold for a penny to Russia.

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Irrepressible catching of sturgeons and poaching put this kind of fish on the brink of extinction. And breeding sturgeons on a fish farm is a very difficult task, so today black caviar is a very expensive pleasure.

2. Fondue

Swiss fondue cooking, when I want to inject a bit of elegance to friendly get-togethers. However, for this you have to fork out, as this snack is made from expensive varieties of cheese (Gruyere and Emmental) with the addition of cognac and white wine. However, this was not always the case.

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Originally fondue ate Swiss shepherds who took with them in the field of cheese, bread and wine. For a few days the products were stale and shepherds came up with a way to melt the dried cheese in a cast-iron pot, adding wine there, and dip into a hearty mixture of pieces of old bread.

Gradually fondue leaked, and the tables of the aristocracy. However, rich people dipped in expensive cheese and high-quality wine the freshest pastries.

3. Lobsters

Now this is hard to believe, but there were times when lobsters were used exclusively as fertilizer. Later their status a bit rose: they were feed for livestock and food for workers, poor people and prisoners. History is known even the trial, in which the servants complained about the mistreatment of the owners: it is too often fed lobsters. By a court decision, this diet was reduced to three times a month.

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Lobster tasted and respected only after the chefs began to experiment with their preparation and serve in restaurants. As a result, the popularity of crustaceans increased to the skies, which led to a logical reduction in the population. Now lobsters are classified as expensive delicacies.

4. Snails

This is now the grape snail is considered one of the gastronomy symbols of France, and before they were food for the poor. During the Hundred years ' war, they were an excellent source of free protein and not just rescued the French peasants.

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Later snails tasted and in noble circles, that made their part of high cuisine. Because of this, they have ceased to be so accessible.

5. Oysters

Charles Dickens also wrote that Poverty and oysters always go hand in hand hand." Until the 19th century, they were considered the cheapest food. A dozen oysters cost less than a loaf of bread.

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They were a great source of protein, vitamins and energy. The delicacy of the oysters began later, when their population declined.

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Now for all these products are considered pathos and people are willing to pay for them huge money, and after all before they ate simply because, that more nothing to acquire was there is!

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