What 5 products are particularly harmful to our liver

The Liver works hard on dozens of important processes in the body, including nutrient processing, hormone production, infection control, etc. However, poor nutrition often leads to overloads and malfunctions of the liver. What are the 5 products particularly hurt this body!

1️ Fat

Fat is almost entirely composed of animal fat. Digests it is very slow, as it requires a large amount of bile. If the body fails to break down all the fat, toxins are formed that overload the liver.

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Even more dangerous is considered smoked or fried bacon. In treatment in it there are carcinogens that are a blow not only to the liver, but also to the entire body as a whole. In General, it is better not to use fat, or strictly limit its amount.

2️ margarine And mayonnaise

Solid fats are used In the production of these products. They are not absorbed by the body, and form lipid compounds. The latter are excreted only through the liver, creating an additional load on the organ.

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It is Especially important to avoid baking that contains margarine. Artificial fats in the process of heat treatment form harmful carcinogenic compounds.

3️ spicy Spices and seasonings

Acute products our body perceives as a potential threat and, accordingly, throws all the forces on processing them. To effectively process such substances, it stimulates the production of large amounts of bile. Excess bile remains in the liver channels, leading to the formation of stones in the organ cavity.

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4️⃣ Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol and all its derivatives, which are formed subsequently, is poison. And its neutralization in the end liver's working. It is proved that even small doses of alcohol destroy several liver cells - hepatocytes.

5️ radish, radish, ginger and garlic

All these products are combined with a high content of essential oils, which have an irritating effect. They cause colic and spasms of the smooth muscles of the liver. Therefore, radishes, radishes, ginger and garlic should be eaten with caution.

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The Affected liver can cause the development of dangerous diseases, so you should refuse from products that harm her!

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