What 5 foods nutritionists never eat

Everyone knows that white bread, flour products, fried dishes and lemonades should be excluded from your diet. However, there are products that are considered harmless but can actually do harm.

We have compiled a selection of 5 products that you will never find in the refrigerator of a nutritionist!

1. Fitness bars

Fitness bars made of oat flakes, pieces of fruit and nuts have recently appeared on the market of dietary products, but have already won the hearts of fans healthy diet. It would seem that there is nothing doubtful in their composition. But if you carefully examine the label, you will notice that they contain a shock dose of sugar syrup, which is a real carbohydrate bomb for the body. And pieces of fruit and berries are processed with a special composition, which gives them a bright taste and color, but increases the content of harmful substances.

Note! Instead of a fitness bar, it is better to eat ordinary oatmeal, green Apple and a handful of nuts.

2. Frozen dishes

Ready meals that require only defrosting, nutritionists unanimously entered in the "black list". The fact that they present such an amount of sugar, salt, amplifiers a taste and spice that even a piece of cardboard would make edible. But fiber and useful elements in such dishes is very small.

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3. White rice

Not without Reason in many countries white rice is perceived as the same bread. The thing the fact that it contains too many simple carbohydrates that settle on the sides and waist in the form of fat. But brown rice has a higher nutritional value, so it is allowed to include in the diet menu, but only in the morning.

4. Low-fat milk and milk products

Zero percent fat is the main reason that should stop you from buying this or that product. The fact is that the lack of fat affects the taste, so manufacturers compensate for this high content of sugar, flavor enhancers and other substances that do not benefit the body.

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5. Fruit chips

In recent years, fruit chips are rapidly gaining popularity among supporters of a healthy diet, but almost all manufacturers produce this product by analogy with potato chips, that is cooked deep-fried. It turns out that vegetable or fruit chips contain almost as many calories as potato chips.

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In regard to food, the more picky foodie than a nutritionist, are hard to find. Of course, for ordinary people, their food system seems too strict, but some things are worth taking note of!

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