Weight training, exercises for women for weight loss

Strength training for womenStrength training for women is the most effective way to acquire the figure of your dreams in a short time. These programmes are truly universal. Well-chosen training helps to solve almost any problem – from losing weight and reducing the fat layer to the acquisition of more feminine forms. Why same most girls and women still prefers special gymnastics and aerobic exercise? It's simple – strength exercises for women have a "negative image". Thanks to popular rumor, many believe that a couple of hours of exercises with dumbbells a week are guaranteed to turn any lady into a kind of competing bodybuilder. Although in fact it is – the last thing to fear, going to the gym.

Strength training for women: truth and myths

The Truth is that even high-intensity strength training without pharmacological support is not able to make a woman massive and pumped up. For large muscles need not only increased protein nutrition, but also an increased level of testosterone. So if you are not taking hormones, be wary "wild pumping" from simple strength training for women is not worth it.

However, the stories of "how I went to the gym and only got fatter from the muscles" are literally passed by the girls from mouth to mouth. What is it? Quite understandable phenomenon, which is usually called:

  1. Swelling of the muscle tissue, which is not used to the load, due to the influx of lactic acid;
  2. Banal increase in fat due to improper foods.

The First effect is natural and typical for starting two to four weeks of training. In fact, strength training initially causes microtrauma to your muscles, which causes an influx of intercellular fluid and lactic acid. The consequence is a small increase in volumes. However, just a month later there is an adaptation to the load, and the swelling becomes less noticeable. On the contrary, there is a rapid increase in tone and a decrease in the volume of problem areas. But most of those, who has the wrong opinion about the strength training, "run" away from dumbbells and barbells, as soon as they see the first signs of swelling.

The Second effect, too, well explain. Unfortunately, not all fitness clubs staff bother to explain the rules of nutrition for dealing with resistance and free weights. And intensive work on yourself, of course, increases appetite. So it turns out that in his spare time from the hall you eat much more food than before. From this there is an increase in weight, which beginners also take for "pumping".

And you just something is worth there is lot more low-fat protein, and to move on five times fractional power and reduce portions.
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How does a woman train in a weight loss gym right? First of all, you need to clearly understand what you want to get from your classes.

Power exercises for weight loss for women and girls

Weight Loss and fat reduction is a feasible task for working with free weights and in power simulators. The main thing here – gradualism and competent integrated approach. If you are a beginner and have not worked with dumbbells or in the gym before, you should start with a restorative program.

First, learn how to perform basic strength exercises – squat with a neck, lunges with dumbbells, bench press, rod pull to the stomach, flexion on bicep, push-up on triceps and a simple twisting on press. In any room you will explain the technique and help to start training in the system.

It is Best if you start with light weights and 15-20 reps in approach. Perform 2-4 sets of each exercise. The goal of the first four to eight weeks should be to work out the technique of these exercises, and not build working weights. Train 2 times a week, from the ninth week – 3 times.

In Addition to weight loss exercises, do cardio on treadmill or elliptical machine, preferring diversity. Your motto should be something like "None training that is similar to the other one." Alternate the intensity, but do not exceed 30-40 minutes of working time per session. Perform cardio after strength exercises and on rest days, bringing the total to 200 minutes a week.

Often, beginners start to use the "coffee" program!--67-->fitness slimming from different coaches and stars. The problem is that most of these plans are suitable only for those who can confidently perform basic exercises. Otherwise, unprepared muscles are easy to injure, and the technique often does not allow you to burn enough calories.

Power exercises for women: muscle building

This topic is relevant for those who are not naturally endowed forms. But sometimes women simply seek to correct figure, for example, "pump" flat buttocks. The most common mistake here – the concentration entirely on the problem area. Often ladies are engaged only in legs and a press, completely ignoring back, chest and arms training. This leads to disproportionate development of the body, and even to injuries.

The Female body is arranged so that it is difficult for us to pump up muscles, working in isolation. Therefore, most of the "telemarketing" simulators do not work for one thing. You should start with basic exercises, as well as losing weight. But from the second month of work it is necessary to constantly increase the weight of the burden and increase resistance. You must be having a hard time on the last 2-3 repetitions. Ideally you should work according to the classical power diagram. 8-10 repetitions, 4-5 approaches, the progression of weights. Isolated programs should be tried only after working in the hall for more than six months.

In the gym, it is best to start with a personal trainer, and to go to independent classes only after you are completely confident in your actions and understand how the training works. If you can't afford it, an affordable alternative can become power programs Body Pump and Hot Iron. They are good because they put the technique of working with free weights and allow you to achieve good results without unnecessary spending.

Strength exercises for women – especially for AzbukaDiet.ru – fitness trainer Elena Selivanova.

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