Weight loss horoscope: diet zodiac sign

Astrology has existed for more than 4000 years and has a huge number of followers worldwide. According to this doctrine, different constellations affect the type of temperament, tastes, Hobbies and life circumstances of each person.

There is Also a theory that each zodiac sign fits its own list of products and its own methods of weight loss. Let's look at the secrets of maintaining excellent shape for all representatives zodiac circle!

♈ Aries

Aries in diets not need. Excessive physical activity, characteristic of this sign, helps to compensate for errors in food. Although they should still focus on high-quality protein products. These include legumes, low-fat cottage cheese, nuts, chicken breast, seafood and meat Turkeys.

♉ Taurus

Representatives of this sign of food habits change with difficulty. By the way, among these habits is noted sweet tooth. However, it is not necessary to completely give up sweets for weight loss, as you can make them less caloric. For example, instead of wheat flour in baking, use a banana, and instead of sugar - natural sweeteners.

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♊ Twins

This is one of the most active zodiac signs. For weight loss, they should first of all abandon the use of "fast" snacks, which include hot dogs, chips, cookies, etc. The basis of the diet should be natural vegetable and meat products.

♋ Cancer

Representatives of this sign often feel fatigue and apathy, which they "seize" sweets. Therefore, it is better to eat often, but little by little, to constantly feed your body with energy. Also, representatives of this sign should definitely add to your diet citrus, green tea and ginger, as all these the products are invigorating without adding extra calories.

♌ lion

Most Often Lions are gaining glee weight from idleness: they "eat" boredom a huge number of food. And as soon as they have a goal or a hobby, they stop overeating and come into shape. So Leos, like Aries, about diet you can forget. The only thing is to abandon the meat fatty varieties in favor of diet (rabbit, Turkey, chicken).

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♍ Virgo

Among Maidens are the most common for a long as they carefully monitor their lifestyle and health. And if you start to gain weight, then independently adjust their diet. Faster to identify errors in the diet of the representatives of this sign will help keeping a food diary, in which you need to record everything that is eaten during day's.

♎ Scales

Libra often has an increased acidity of the stomach. For this reason, they should give up products that cause heartburn. These include ketchup, radish, citrus and pickles. Ideal for stomach Scales seafood and vegetables that contain copper (spinach, asparagus, carrots, beets).

♏ Scorpio

Scorpions about their excess weight do not worry, because in any situation can look "tasteful". But if they still want to lose weight, there is nothing complicated about it. It is only necessary to reduce the use of sweets and starchy vegetables, and increase physical activity.

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♐ Sagittarius

Sagittarians often gain weight due to alcohol abuse. Therefore, for weight loss, they should abandon alcoholic beverages and drink more still water. It will help cleanse the body of accumulated harmful substances and accelerate metabolism. Also, Sagittarians should pay attention to products enriched with vitamin C.

♑ Capricorn

Capricorns have a naturally slow metabolism, so their diet should contain products that disperse it. And this is Cayenne pepper, ginger, cinnamon, green tea, grapefruit and black coffee.

♒ Aquarius

This zodiac sign is the most unpredictable. Aquarius accidentally lose weight, then begin to rapidly gain weight. Observance of strict rules of diets for them the real penal servitude. Therefore, when losing weight should not focus on nutrition, but on active recreation and intensive sports.

♓ Fish

Representatives of this sign are prone to edema, so they should reduce the intake of foods that retain liquid in the body. First of all, they need to give up salt or reduce its amount in the diet to a minimum. It is also important to limit the use of simple carbohydrates, because they are not only deposited in the form of fat, but also bind the liquid, holding it in the body.

Now you know what to look for when losing weight according to your zodiac sign!

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