Weight loss exercises: 5 simple exercises

Weight loss exercises: 5 simple exercisesHoping to lose weight, every woman should remember that some fantasies of result is not achieved. And a diet without an appropriate set of exercises is likely to be ineffective . To lose weight you need to combine proper nutrition and intense exercise, so you can get the desired body weight in addition to the relief muscles.

Not ready even for the sake of perfect figure constantly go to gyms and fitness clubs, so the best solution will be charging for rapid weight loss at home. Choosing the best set of several exercises that you can safely do at home, the main thing - to set yourself up for the result and not to give up classes in the middle, and to bring the case to the desired result.

If you are in doubt and do not know where to start, you can always watch the video lessons of charging for weight loss, in such videos are presented in detail with the study of each exercise muscle groups and an explanation of how to do them

The Most effective can be charging for weight loss in the morning, as at this time the body is not tired after a hard day and is best configured for exercise. Consider the 5 simple exercises of charging that make to lose weight, they will help to lose weight and give energy for the rest of the day.

1. The first thing to follow is the gradual inclusion of the body in the work, and also proper breathing. That is why the morning exercise is better to start with raising your hands and gradually diluting them to the side. All this should be accompanied by a deep breathing process. After that, go to the body slopes of the trunk back and forth, which helps to strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen.

2. The main problem of many losing weight is overweight in the abdomen, which is why charging for weight loss of the abdomen is certainly necessary. One of the many exercises can be something that is not particularly burdensome in the morning, when the body is not yet ready for heavy physical activity. You need to stand up straight and put your hands behind your head. Spread your legs shoulder width apart, start a slow squat without bending your back. To not repeat less than 10 times.

3. The correct exercises for slimming legs, is also of concern to many women. In this case, do not worry, just remember a simple exercise, familiar to all from childhood, called a Bicycle. It is performed lying on the floor, when the arms are stretched along the body, and the legs are raised at right angles from the floor. All you need is to turn the invisible pedals with your feet, gradually increasing the intensity of the exercise.

4. Well on the morning to do jumping on place. To do this, you can first jump on two legs, and then go to the jump on one, alternately changing legs. Do not forget about a few approaches, well, the number and time can be adjusted independently.

5. Well, it is best to complete the process by walking on the spot, raising your knees high and without disturbing the deep breathing, which should have been maintained throughout the performed set of exercises.

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