Weight loss by Dr. Zhukov: methods, reviews slimming

Method of weight loss doctor ZhukovaRecently appeared on the Internet author's weight loss program. No opinions of doctors, no reviews losing weight, no studies of this program yet, and information about it is only on the official website. The program itself is called "weight loss Factor".

It is paid, it is necessary to register, but on the site you can find a lot of free articles about weight loss, getting rid of cellulite, reducing appetite and so on. Weight loss program Zhukov offers options for both women and men, and the site contains a list of seven habits that will help both sexes in this case.

7 habits

These habits, according to author Dr. Zhukov, will help in losing weight. Here they are:

Is to eat something raw at each meal;
– use the pyramid principle;
– move;
– there are more often, but less;
– keep in mind the principle of holidays;
– remember the calories;
– first make a plan, then implement it.

All these rules are detailed in the book, which is called "7 habits that will help you effectively and quickly lose weight" and which can be downloaded from the website, as written on its main page, for free.

And here is the content of one of the free articles: aromatherapy in the fight against cellulite. The author offers a massage with a hard mitten (or a special massager) using a mixture of aromatic oils. The best mixture for this procedure – containing citrus oils. To start, make a basis for future mixture – here is an example of almond or olive oil, the standard volume – tablespoon, but you can make more, depending on how many body areas you want to massage. Then drops of essential oils are added to it. There are two recipes of the mixture: two drops of lemon, cloves and orange or 4 – rosemary and juniper, adding to them another 3 – patchouli and cypress. It is also told about the options with saunas and baths, aroma baths and the enrichment of creams with essential oils.

In General, the site looks bright and nice, and the text and video are made by all the rules marketing, and the last in the absence of unbiased reviews is alarming, as the huge spread of the free articles and the absolute lack of structure in their list – buckwheat diet next to sports nutrition, next to aromatherapy, drying, running and fasting days. On the one hand, all the common words in the method of weight loss Zhukov sound fair - eat less, move more, eat balanced, care for the skin, please yourself, avoid stress - but clearly nothing said.

For Example, in a hand-drawn video longer than 10 minutes told about everything in the world related to the problem of obesity and overweight, including a description of the naturalness of weight gain in ancient people and the wonderful weight loss of those who used the program, but there is nothing about the program itself, except the request to order it. It is also alarming that those reviews that are posted mainly on the official website, and the fact that the official sites are two and they are completely identical to each other.

The program Is probably too new. You can take a chance and try it, or you can wait and see if it is credible, based on the independent experience of others. But, apparently, you will get detailed painted old truths – useful and applicable, especially for those who do not know how to start losing weight, but still not new.

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