We make a competent vegetarian menu for the week

Vegetarian menu for a weekVegetarianism is not only a system of a certain diet, but also in a sense a lifestyle of many people. Making a vegetable menu, it is very important to adhere to two principles: diversity and balance, which will help every day ensure that all important nutrients enter the body.

Basic principles of vegetarian menu

Vegetarians claim that with vegetable products it is quite possible to make tasty, various, full and healthy menu for every day. This power system is divided into the following types:

  • strict vegetarianism, allowing the use of only vegetable food;
  • lacto-vegetarianism, allowing the use of dairy products;
  • lacto-ovo-vegetarianism, permitting the use of eggs.

Vegetarian menu prevents accumulation of toxins and blood oxidation, promotes healthy digestion, solves the problem of overweight. If the vegetable menu is entered for 3-4 weeks, it is possible to enter it at once, at full transition to vegetarian food it is recommended to carry out gradual refusal of meat's.
Vegetarian menu for a week
The basic principles on which to make a vegetarian menu:

  • replacing animal food plant;
  • use up to 2 l of liquid daily;
  • limit sweets.

In the early days, a plant-based diet can lead to an apparent feeling of hunger, which is nothing more than a feeling of unaccustomed lightness.
Vegetarian menu for a week

Vegetarian menu for a week

We Offer an approximate simple menu for the week, which includes all the necessary elements.

  1. Breakfast: buckwheat porridge with carrots and onions, tea.
  2. Lunch: vegetable soup, carrot salad with nuts.
  3. afternoon Snack: cottage cheese dessert with banana and kefir.
  4. Dinner: potato stew, vegetable salad.


  1. Breakfast: barley-barley porridge with jam;
  2. Lunch: cheese soup with vegetables, cabbage salad.
  3. Snack: cottage cheese pancakes with jam and tea.
  4. Dinner: seaweed salad, buckwheat porridge.


  1. Breakfast: oatmeal with fruit, tea.
  2. Lunch: salad from greenery, cucumber and arugula, pea soup.
  3. afternoon Tea: cottage cheese dessert, tea.
  4. Dinner: vinaigrette, stewed cabbage.


  1. Semolina porridge with banana, tea.
  2. Lunch: seaweed salad and egg, mushroom soup.
  3. afternoon Snack: pear, compote.
  4. Dinner: beet and garlic salad, pilaf with dried fruits.


  1. Breakfast: oatmeal with Apple and cinnamon, tea.
  2. Lunch: noodle soup, salad with cucumbers and tomatoes.
  3. afternoon Tea: a piece of hard cheese, tea.
  4. Dinner: salad with Chinese cabbage, a casserole of eggs and broccoli.


  1. Breakfast: buckwheat porridge with milk, tea.
  2. Lunch: cucumber salad, mashed potato soup with cream and rusks.
  3. afternoon Snack: Apple pie with tea.
  4. Dinner: cabbage salad, beans in tomato sauce.


  1. Breakfast: cabbage salad and rice porridge.
  2. Lunch: mushroom soup, fruit salad.
  3. afternoon Snack: pie with sweet filling, tea.
  4. Dinner: salad with tomatoes and cheese, stew from vegetables.

In Order for the food to be balanced, it is important that on the table every day there were vegetables and fruits, especially in the form of salads.
Vegetarian menu for a week

Disadvantages of vegetarian menu

Despite the fact that vegetarianism is beneficial to health, this system has its drawbacks. The main is the lack of plant foods a number of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The body needs animal proteins, especially in the cold season, and it requires their active replacement with plant proteins.

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