We gain weight beautifully: an effective diet for thin people

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Sometimes gaining weight is more difficult than losing a few extra pounds. Of course, you can quickly recover if there are harmful products – French fries, hot dogs, cakes and so on. But in this case, if you get a couple of pounds, it will be fat mass, which "stick", for example, to the waist and hips, which subsequently lead to the appearance of cellulite. To increase muscle mass, not fat, it is necessary to reduce the amount of carbohydrate intake and include in the diet food that contains a lot of protein. So, we present a diet for thin people who want to gain a few pounds and not swim fat.

Recommended products

A List of products that are safe for health will add to the weight:

  • Eggs;
  • Porridge;
  • Milk:
  • Nuts (cedar, walnuts, almonds)
  • Fish;
  • Meat;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Rice cooked in meat broth;
  • Pasta from durum wheat;
  • sour Cream and cottage cheese (homemade is better than from the grocery store).

Accustom yourself to eat 5-6 times a day, but small portion. In this case, the nutrients will be better absorbed. Also of great importance to drink plenty of liquids during weight gain, since dehydration leads to exhaustion and loss of weight.

Pay attention! To gain weight beautifully, it is necessary not only to monitor the diet, but also to do exercises to build muscles. These include exercises with dumbbells, squats and stretching, as well as exercises for the press.

Compose proper menu

photo Source: pixabay.com

1. Breakfast is a guarantee of energy for the whole day, so do not miss it. For Breakfast, you can eat a couple of sandwiches with a leaf salad and ham. You can also make a dessert of honey and nuts (they contain a lot of nutrients and enough calories).

2. Yoghurt or cottage cheese with green tea is available for the second Breakfast.

3. Lunch should be dense. Eat vegetable soup cooked in meat broth, as well as some second course. Better, if this will be meat or bird. In this case, beef is better excluded from the diet, as it is digested for a long time. On the side will choose a pasta durum wheat.

4. For an afternoon snack plan cottage cheese with sour cream or cream, or casserole.

5. Dinner should be hearty, but not heavy for digestion. Fit a variety of porridge with a piece of oil.

6. At night it is useful to drink a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey.

This diet is suitable for those who do not have serious digestive problems. Otherwise, you should make an individual menu, consult with specialist's.

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