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Watermelon diet
The end of August – September is a good time to lose weight and clean your body using a sweet berry – watermelon.

Effective weight loss Why watermelons?

  • Watermelon diet is easily tolerated by almost everyone, in the opinion of losing weight there is no feeling of hunger.
  • High efficiency, for the week watermelon diet you can lose weight by 3-5 kg and if you then from the diet to come out right, the total number of extra pounds, you may be part 2 weeks – 7-8 kg, and most importantly – provided the correct output, the pounds will not come back immediately.
  • in addition To losing weight, a watermelon diet will help normalize metabolism, expel excess fluid from the body (watermelon is an effective diuretic) and remove toxins.
  • Read more about useful properties of watermelon


  • Watermelons actively accumulate nitrates. It is recommended to eat berries that are ripe in late August – early September.
Home inspection of watermelon for nitrates

To check the purchased watermelon nitrate content is recommended:

Put a Small piece of pulp into the water, after a while the nitrate piece will disperse in the water, otherwise it will keep its shape.

Experts warn: the optimal weight of watermelon is 8 kilos. Less than 7 kg – watermelon may be unripe and unsweetened. And more than 8-9 kg – there is a probability that the watermelon is "stuffed with chemistry".

Another important detail – nausea and headaches after drinking watermelon are associated, as a rule, not with nitrates, but with bacteria or chemicals on the watermelon skin, so before cutting, the berry should be thoroughly washed and in any case do not buy already cut watermelon.

Watermelon diet: menu

  • For every 10 kg of your body weight per day rely eat 1 kg of watermelon. Use for 5-6 receptions. It is recommended to eat watermelon every 3 hours.
  • If you are very hungry, you can eat another piece of dried rye bread at every meal.

Watermelon diet can be observed 5-7 days.

Problems that can occur with weight loss on watermelon diet: heaviness in the abdomen, flatulence discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract. Most often they appear on the second day. Do not continue the diet if you they felt bad.

Exit from watermelon diet

To achieve the best effect and consolidate the result of the diet for another 7-10 days after the release is recommended to eat as follows:


Porridge on water (oatmeal, buckwheat, rice),
low-fat cottage cheese or cheese or egg.


Fish or lean meat,
salad of vegetables and herbs, you can season with lemon juice and olive oil.


Watermelon – 1 kg of pulp per 30 kg of weight.

Contraindications for watermelon diet:

  • kidney stones, diabetes, severe diseases of the pancreas, prostate, pyelonephritis.

Fasting days on watermelons

Watermelon Fasting days are recommended by nutritionists for those who are overweight. Fasting days can be carried out 1-2 times a week.

Besides watermelons contain few calories, folic acid, which is a part of watermelon, normalizes fat metabolism.

Watermelon day Menu:

W day allowed to eat 2 kg of watermelon pulp.

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