Watermelon diet for hot summer: minus 5 kg per week

Watermelon - a real gift of nature, which you can use and eat, and drink, and even lose weight! A large number of valuable elements in this product will provide a surge of energy and good mood.

During a week of watermelon diet you can lose up to 5 kg of excess weight without experiencing a painful feeling of hunger and discomfort!

How to lose weight with watermelon

1️ drink a glass of watermelon juice immediately After waking up. Just dilute it with a little water to avoid too sweet. This drink will help to cheer up and in the morning to activate the metabolism.

2️ drink watermelon water during the day. If the same juice is diluted with water in equal parts, you get a little sweet water, which perfectly quenches thirst and does not play out the appetite.

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3️⃣ Start eating with a piece of watermelon. Its flesh contains a lot of fiber, which swells in the stomach and creates a feeling of satiety. Thus, during lunch or dinner you are guaranteed to eat less than usual.

4️ replace Watermelon with dessert. It will help to satisfy the body's need for sweet without harming the figure, since its caloric content is only 27 kcal per 100 g.

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5️ 30 minutes after eating - watermelon! This will help to effectively assimilate the eaten food and move faster through the gastrointestinal tract. Established peristalsis and clean intestine - an important step to flat tummy!

Despite the benefits of watermelon, it is important to observe a measure. You can eat no more than 2 kg of watermelon pulp per day!

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