Water with lemon on an empty stomach: what is the benefit?

Before the recommendation to drink on an empty stomach is lemon water could be heard only from the representatives of nontraditional medicine, but now the official science has recognized the healing properties of this drink. The process of preparation is very simple: in 200 ml of warm water you need to squeeze out the juice of a quarter of a lemon. This drink must be consumed on an empty stomach, and then at least 20 minutes to refrain from eating. Now let's see what it is the benefit of water with lemon, drunk in the morning. So, before you 5 reasons to make this procedure regular!


Lemon it contains a high concentration of vitamin C, which allows you to maintain the body's defenses and effectively combat various infectious diseases. In addition, this product helps to regulate blood pressure and improve performance.

Alkaline balance

Lemon contains a high concentration of various acids, which, getting into the body, is transformed into alkali. So-called alkaline products are necessary to maintain the pH at an optimal level and to preserve oxygen in the tissues of the body.


Lemon has antioxidant properties that help to remove toxins and other harmful substances from the body. This activates all exchange processes, and the skin improves (go pimples and age spots).

Extension of youth

If the daily drinking water with lemon, all systems of the body will be tuned "on the right footing." Naturally, you can use advertised tools that promise magical rejuvenation, but it is better to just let the body get enough of what it needs, namely – it is ordinary water and healthy fruit.

Replacing coffee

If you have a bad habit to start your day with a Cup of coffee, then a glass of water with lemon will successfully help to get rid of it. In addition, the invigorating effect will be even stronger than that of a strong coffee drink.

Regular drinking water with lemon will greatly improve the condition of the whole body, rejuvenate it and give vigor.

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