Water for the health of mom and baby – what kind of water we drink

Any reasonable person would agree that a responsible and rather difficult period for a woman is the period of bearing a child and subsequent breastfeeding. it is Worth noting that the overwhelming number of mothers are very serious about their General condition during this period, because the state of the mother directly depends on the state of the child. Mom's food, the air she breathes, the mood with which she spends her days, and even what music she listens to – all this it affects the formation of the child.

But about water quality, as practice shows, pregnant women remember not always. The damage to a child's health when a mother drinks chlorinated tap water during pregnancy is not fully understood. But some researchers compare it to the damage from mom Smoking a few cigarettes a day. Chemical elements that are present in tap water contain powerful carcinogens that significantly increase risk of cancer. Almost all mothers know about the dangers of Smoking and therefore try not to poison themselves during this period with nicotine, but few think about the risk of taking chlorinated water. Until recently, this problem simply did not pay attention – at home the water was simply boiled. More conscious people mounted various flowing water filters, which produced water purification.

But not all water filters guarantee effective filtration. Process itself filtering does not always ensure complete purification of water. Coal and ion exchange filters of those years passed some impurities. And those harmful substances that can keep these filters, they do not filter completely. Add to this the fact that over time the filters wore out and missed more impurities and harmful substances – and the picture will be quite bleak. But we will not blame the filters for water purification of those years – since they coped with the task as known.

And the water purified by them was of sufficient quality for adults to drink. Let's focus on the word "adults." That's it, because this water for the child was, to put it mildly, not very useful. A revolutionary step in filtration water has become the use of technology in filters "reverse osmosis principle", which completely eliminates this mistake. With its use, people have a unique opportunity to obtain clean drinking water at home. The essence of water filters, based on the technology of "reverse osmosis", is as follows – the water in such filters is purified at the molecular level, a special membrane does not pass anything but water molecules and oxygen. Any harmful substances, any bacteria can not overcome this membrane under any circumstances. Once the water is saturated with oxygen and filtered by super technologies of the 21st century will accrue to the consumer.

To Summarize. For a child who has not yet been born, it is very important not only what kind of food he uses and what his mother breathes, but also what kind of water she drinks. During breastfeeding, a young mother needs a huge amount of water, and it must be of high quality, and when the baby grows up a little, his stomach still very weak to deal with unfiltered water. But this problem is solved now for a small price and very simple. Current filters have reliable qualities and are available for any average citizen. And if the budget is limited, suitable three-stage water filter with carbon cartridges.

And one more remark. Skeptics often cite such an argument, they say we grew up on untreated water and are alive and well to this day. Here it is possible to some extent agree, because the immunity of the baby is very strong. The immunity of a healthy child who is breast-fed can be called heroic. But, there is one prerequisite – the child must be absolutely healthy. If the child has health problems, the most minor impurities (bacteria, fungi, heavy metal salts) can cause irreparable harm to the health of the child.

Unfortunately, currently small percentage of children who are born absolutely healthy. Evolution has added many negative factors to our existence, so why don't we get rid of one of them.

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