Warm up before training: exercises for men, girls

To warm up the muscles, you need to warm up before training. It is with her that you need to start any sports activity, whether it is strength exercises, fitness or other sports. In fact, the warm-up is a set of simple physical exercises that help to prepare the muscles for the upcoming loads. It is important to do both women and men. Depending on what muscle groups will be worked out, it is possible to develop individual warm-up scheme.

Use warm-up

Effective muscle warm-up before training has the following advantages:

  • improves blood circulation, muscle is saturated with nutrients and oxygen, which helps to improve physical endurance;
  • increases muscle elasticity, which helps to avoid injuries during exercise;
  • increased power capabilities;
  • the formation of hormones responsible for energy production is improved;
  • warm-up prepares the organs of the cardiovascular system for a gradual increase in load;
  • improves coordination and attention, reduces the likelihood of stress that the body may experience during training time;
  • due to the production of adrenaline and its release into the blood, which occurs during the warm-up, the body will be easier to cope with physical activity;
  • metabolic processes are accelerated.

Thus, proper warm-up before any exercise is not only useful, but absolutely necessary. After it, the body works better, which will allow you to get more efficiency from the performed exercises'.

Types of workouts

There are several kinds of warm-UPS:

  • General (universal) – suitable for warming up all muscle groups, it consists of exercises for the neck, arms, legs, torso;
  • special – includes exercises similar to those of which the main training consists, but only with a lower load;
  • stretching – its purpose is to stretch the muscles of the limbs, neck, press and other body parts;
  • hitch – runs on completion of training after basic exercises.

To better understand what constitutes each type of workout is to understand them in more detail.

Universal warm-up before training is considered the best option for athletes who want to warm up their body. The duration of it is not more than 15 minutes. This time is enough to speed up the metabolism in the body, increase body temperature and enrich the muscles with oxygen.

Special warm-up is made according to the individual program. It consists of simple movements simulating exercises in the upcoming training. But it involves no more than 20% of the weight used in training. Each exercise should be repeated up to 10 times.

Stretching is often done at home. In fact, it is not warm up, before it is also necessary to warm up the muscles. Therefore, it is not practiced separately. The basic requirement when stretching – smooth feel.

The Hitch is the final stage of the training. It is a set of exercises, the purpose of which is to prepare the body to stop classes. It is thanks to the hitch that it is possible to achieve greater efficiency from training.

Note! Easy warm-up can consist of simple and rhythmic movements to the music, squats, kicks and hands, rotations, and other exercises.

Exercise warm up before exercise for girls

Since girls usually engage in lighter sports than men, warm-up before training for them, respectively, should consist of simple exercises. Only if you follow the correct technique, you can achieve the desired result. That is why it is necessary to read step-by-step description of the warm-up exercises with photos.

Slopes to the sides

A Good warm-up before exercise necessarily involves the head tilts to the side. The exercise is performed as follows:

  1. Starting position: standing straight. Eyes forward.
  2. Tilt the head first to the left, then – shift to the.
  3. Make 10 slopes in each side.

When tilting, you can rotate your hands in a circle at the same time.

Elaboration of the shoulder joint

To perform this exercise, you will need:

  1. Stand up straight, spread your legs shoulder width apart.
  2. Raise one hand and place it in front of the chest so that it crosses the shoulder of the opposite hand. This is important keep your back and head straight. Shoulders back.
  3. Return to the previous position and repeat the exercise on the other hand.

Enough for 10 repetitions on each hand.

Stretching of the shoulder joint

There is another effective exercise for warming up the arms and shoulder joint:

  1. Stand up straight, place your feet on the width shoulders'.
  2. to Raise one hand and bring it behind your head, bending at the elbow. To grasp it with the second hand, helping to bend back.
  3. return to original position and repeat the exercise, changing hands sometimes.

Elaboration of pectoral muscles

One of the main exercises of the General warm-up before training is stretching the chest muscles:

  1. Stand up directly. Place feet shoulder width apart.
  2. to move hands around, as if trying to hug someone. Start them a little back, bringing the shoulder blades.

Do about 10-12 reps.

Study of the back muscles

Not only the pectoral muscles need stretching. It is equally important to warm up the back muscles:

  1. Stand up straight with your Feet shoulder width shoulders'.
  2. Extend straight arms in front of chest. You can put your fingers in the lock.
  3. Reach forward with your hands as far as possible without moving your hips and back.

Do 10 to 12 repetitions.

Warming up the back of the thigh

Before training, leg warm-up is very important. You can do it this way:

  1. Stand up directly. The legs are together.
  2. Lift one leg by bending it at the knee. To draw to the chest. Hands clasp the knee and pull the leg closer to the body.
  3. Linger for a couple of seconds and repeat the same exercise from the second foot.

Do 10 reps on each leg.

Warming up the quadriceps

To perform stretching quadriceps, you must:

  1. Stand up straight, feet put together.
  2. One leg up to your buttocks, bending your knee. Hold the sock with your hand on the same side. Pull the foot to the buttocks.
  3. Second to raise his hand up. Hold for a few seconds, keeping your balance.
  4. Repeat the exercise with the second leg.

It is Enough to perform 10 repetitions on each leg.

workout of the calves and hamstrings

To warm up the calf muscles and hamstring, you need to perform the exercise as follows:

  1. Stand up directly. The legs are together.
  2. Step one foot forward, holding the main weight on limbs, which has remained behind. It needs to bend a little at the knee.
  3. Bend down and grab the nearest hand for the toe of the foot, stepped forward.
  4. to Linger for a few seconds in this position and then switch legs places.

Do 10 reps on each leg.

warm Up before training for men

Men can afford more complex warm-up, unlike women. This is especially true for professionals who are already using weights to warm up the muscles, but with less weight than during strength training. However, in men, the warm-up can also be easy.

torso Tilts to the sides

To perform torso tilts, you need to do the following:

  1. Stand up directly. Feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Bend the elbow and bring the back of my neck. Tilt the torso towards the opposite hand.
  3. Linger for a few seconds and repeat the torso tilt to the other side.

Do 15 reps each way.

Side attacks

Side attacks are a great workout for the legs, and they should be done as follows way:

  1. to Stand up exactly. Spread your legs as wide as possible.
  2. Slowly to sit down on one pace. The second should be straight. Hands in front.
  3. Fix the position for a few seconds and repeat the exercise on the second leg.

Do 10 reps on each leg.

Attacks standard

Depending on physical training, to perform classical attacks, you can use dumbbells or do without them. You need to do the following:

  1. Stand up straight, feet together.
  2. Take a step forward with one leg, bending it in the knee at right angles. The second leg is also bent at the knee, almost touching the floor.
  3. to Stay in this position for a few seconds to get up to the starting position.
  4. Make an attack on the second foot.

Enough for 10 lunges on each leg.


Classic push-UPS are performed according to the usual scheme:

  1. Accept "an emphasis lying".
  2. Bend elbows, lowering body down.
  3. get Up and repeat the exercise again.

To Make up to 10 squeezings'.

Note! When doing push-UPS, it is important to keep the body straight. When it is lowered, the pelvis is not set to protrude, and the back is bent.

Running on place

In the warm-up before exercise for men have included running in place. Thanks to this exercise, leg muscles are effectively worked out. To do his follow so:

  1. Stand up straight, feet together.
  2. Start running in place, knees raised. At the same time, the opposite hand should be raised.

Enough to run on the spot in this way for about a minute. This time is enough to warm up not only the muscles of the legs, but the whole body.

Video: how to do warm-up before training at home?

The Technique of warm-up before training at home for men and women is presented at video.

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