Want to be healthy

Another research scientists confirm, that for health movement required.

Modern man living in the city and working in the office most of the day spends sitting at the computer, which is understandable, can have a positive impact neither on the health nor on the shape.

But to compensate for this forced sedentary way of life by walking (Jogging) stairs instead of using elevators.

W as a result of research, scientists have found that:

Constant walking up the stairs significantly reduces body fat, tones muscles and normalizes blood pressure without any additional loads and diets'.

Researchers from the Geneva Institute of medicine conducted an experiment with the participation of 77 colleagues, for 3 months, the subjects to move on the floors used only the stairs.
The results, as reported by the Daily Mail, were encouraging:

Lung Volume increased by an average of 8.6%,
waist decreased by 2%,
on 2% also fell weight and volume of fat deposits,
2.3% blood pressure,
at 3.9% – cholesterol.

Scientists recognize that this study is not a sensation, but it can be another argument for those who want to be healthy and lose weight.

Scientists from the UK also confirmed the benefits of regular walking (Jogging) down the stairs. According to them, such movements strengthen bones and are prevention of osteoporosis and injuries.
And women in first of all, the spine and pelvic bones are strengthened.

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