Walnut oil

Walnut is rich in many vitamins, it is very useful for the brain. It is believed that if you eat walnut oil every day, you can protect yourself from varicose veins, tuberculosis, always look young and full of vitality. But there is a nut and its disadvantages. About everything in more detail in our article.

Walnut Tree

Long – lived Nuts. On average, the tree can live about 400 years, and even more. Young trees usually begin to bear fruit in the tenth year, at first the harvest is about 10 kilograms of nuts per year, but at the age of one hundred years it reaches 300 kilograms. Fruits usually ripen in October.

Walnuts: the benefits and harm

Walnut the Greek can bring both benefit and harm. If you use it in small quantities (from 4 to 8 pieces per day), it will increase the resistance to radionuclides, maintain the balance of vitamins and iron, restore and strengthen male sexual function, help in the fight against diabetes. Today, in laboratories around the world create a lot of ointments and other drugs based on walnut, the beneficial properties of which destroy bacteria, relieve inflammation, heal wounds and strengthen organism.

Decoction of walnut leaves is used to treat scrofula and rickets in children, it is added to the baths and rubbed into the skin.

But there are categories of people for whom walnut is harmful. It can not be eaten by those people who have diseases of the stomach, pancreas or intestines. Eating too many nuts can cause vascular spasm in the brain or inflammation of the amygdala glands.

Walnut oil

Caloric content of walnut
  • a walnut contains 650 calories per 100g. product (a rather high figure, when dieting, it is better to use as little as possible).
  • protein Content in 100 grams ? 15.24 mg.
  • fiber Content ? 6.7 mg.
Properties of walnut oil

Oil extracted from walnut is considered one of the best for cooking salads and frying dishes. Nut oil is a dietary and even contributes to weight loss, it strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to disease.

In Addition, the use of walnut oil in children's cooking is due to beneficial influence on the brain. It contributes to the development of intelligence and improve memory. Adults will be interested in the fact that daily consumption of walnut oil will allow them to stay young longer.

Walnut Oil and SPA treatments

Nut Oil in cosmetology has been used for a long time. Due to the presence of vitamin F, it improves the color and condition of the skin, at home from oil and fresh nuts, you can prepare nut milk and wash them in the morning. This will replace the most expensive tonic, the effect will be instant and stunning. In addition, hair masks made on the basis of walnut oil, collected a large number of positive reviews. They make the hair color deeper and richer, hair becomes smoother and easier to comb.

Useful walnut will during pregnancy. The oil can be rubbed into the problem areas of the skin to avoid possible stretch marks.

Walnut Oil for weight loss: use and contraindications

We have already found out that nut oil is dietary and can be used in any dishes. It is very easy to digest, contains many vitamins and is a source of energy. Due to this, it reduces the body's need for food and improves metabolism due to the content of oleic acids. The intestine is constantly cleaned, less toxins are deposited on its walls, and the subcutaneous fat is split and converted into energy.

It is Not recommended to take oil for intestinal diseases and increased blood clotting. It should not be given in large quantities to children, the content of a large number of proteins can cause allergies and rashes. In diseases of the skin is also better to refrain from its use.

Still, walnut oil has more beneficial properties than contraindications, so it deserves its place in every home.

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