Walking as an effective means of fighting excess weight

Many of us go to the gym, limit ourselves in nutrition and even use pharmacy products to lose weight. However, numerous studies have shown that everyday walks are no less effective against overweight.

How Much you need to walk to lose weight, how to do it right and why you need stretching after walking – these and other aspects will be considered further.

How much you need to walk to lose weight

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Your speed, your weight and passed distance – 3 main factors that affect the number of calories spent in the process of walking. To achieve a noticeable effect, you need to stick to your own plan and use the pedometer (can be purchased in the store or just download the app to your phone). Always take it with you – so you determine the number of steps taken per day. If you walk a lot, but the extra weight does not go away, the pedometer will help to calculate how many steps you need to add.

Given the average calculation will make your personal walking plan:

2,000 steps = 1.6 km = 100 kcal

To a month to lose one kilogram, you need be held not less than 5 km (approximately 6 250 steps). It is worth noting that the passage of 5 km you will need no more than an hour. At the same time you do not have to cut the number of calories consumed with food.

Please note! Walking not only helps to lose weight, but also normalizes blood pressure, reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, lowers blood sugar and allows you to feel a surge of strength.

How to correctly to go

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While walking, special attention should be paid to the following aspects:

  1. the Head should be in line with the spine (do not push it forward).
  2. keep abdominal Muscles in tension.
  3. in No event it is impossible to walk on bent legs (keep them straight).
  4. Feet should be hip distance apart. If to place them too wide, the gait will look "disorganized".
  5. When walking, first step on the heel and then move the center of gravity to the toe.
  6. Watch your hand movements. It is not necessary to swing them in all directions.

After walk Robit stretching

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Let's look at the 2 main reasons why after walking it is necessary to stretch:

  1. stretching Exercises help to relax muscles and remove muscle aches that may occur due to physical exertion.
  2. With regular stretching muscles will be able to maintain their elasticity, as they will receive a sufficient amount of nutrients and blood.

It is Also worth noting that stretching after walking slows down the aging process and removes the psycho-emotional voltage.

Walking does not carry side effects, which are often from running. Running often leads to various injuries, and walking, on the contrary, normalize the physical condition. For people without any physical training walking is considered to be the safest type of exercise for weight loss and improve overall tone.

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