Vitamins with selenium

Vitamins with seleniumSelenium as a double-edged sword, both beneficial and harmful at the same time. The right dose is important. And with an overabundance, and with a lack of this element, there is a danger of serious diseases for humans. Can I trust the vitamins with selenium, should I seek medical advice and what are the contraindications – let's try to understand in detail in the following article.

Benefits of selenium

This is one of the most important trace elements in our body, because:

  • it is a strong natural antioxidant, that is a substance that supports the cells of the body in working condition, accelerating their growth and counteracting various tumors;
  • works in tandem with vitamin E: the shortage of selenium vitamin E is almost not absorbed, so they begin to suffer hair and nails;
  • participates in the synthesis of thyroid hormones, and, therefore, it indirectly depends on such an important process as metabolism;
  • is famous for its efficiency in the prevention cardiovascular disease, especially heart attacks.

When you need vitamins with selenium

Medical science has found that about 90% of the world's population suffers from a lack of this element.

Several Reasons:

  • with intensive use of soil selenium is leached from topsoil, and therefore, their harvest going to the food, poor in this element.
  • abuse of canned food and concentrates in which the trace element practically disappears in comparison with fresh products;
  • overabundance in the diet of carbohydrates (sweet and flour) – scientists have proved that simultaneously with carbohydrates, the trace element is not digested.

Symptoms of lack of this element are as follows:

  • reduced mental activity, constant fatigue, anxiety;
  • increased risk of cardiovascular diseases'.
  • Signs are quite common, so to determine are you suffering from deficiency of this substance is almost impossible. Therefore, before you start self-treatment, consult a doctor.

    Compliment "Selenium"

    Doctors most often prescribe multivitamins Complivit "Selenium", because it is quite effective for a reasonable price.

    As stated in the instructions, the necessary trace element is contained in the form of sodium Selenite and is 70 µg, which is the daily rate for humans.

    After taking the drug, many people notice:

    • memory boost;
    • General tone increase,
    • appearance cheerfulnesses.

    Contraindications of selenium

    Micronutrient Excess is as dangerous as its deficiency. If after taking multivitamins or a diet saturated with this substance (eggs, liver, fish, corn, garlic), the following symptoms begin to appear, then the use of such food or drugs should be limited:

    • dermatitis;
    • deterioration of hair, nails and skin;
    • enhancement tooth enamel sensitivity;
    • nervous disorders, depression;
    • anemia.

    These symptoms are also controversial and may be associated with other diseases. It is important to remember that the intake of vitamins with selenium should always be coordinated with the attending physician.

    Be healthy!

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