Vitamins from hair loss: list, table

Sometimes, to strengthen the roots enough to choose the right vitamins for hair loss. They increase the grip of the follicle with the hypodermis, provide hair thickness and healthy. The effect of vitamin complexes on the human body can be both inside and outside. Useful components are often included in the composition of therapeutic shampoos and hair masks. They are most in demand among women, because the weaker sex pays maximum attention their appearance.

List of vitamins that help with hair loss

To make your hair stronger, healthier and did not fall out, people should enrich your body with all existing vitamins. But some pay special attention, because they normalize the course of all processes in the hair structure. Lack of vitamins leads to early baldness in men and loss of hair density in women.

Note! The ideal option to maintain the required level of vitamins in the body – regular consumption of products with their content. This will help not only to strengthen the roots of the hair, but in General to restore the internal organs. If you make up for the lack of valuable substances with the help of food is not it turns out, you have to take vitamin complexes.

If the main goal is to strengthen the follicles, you should pay special attention to vitamins against hair loss. Their list is below:

  • vitamin B2;
  • vitamin v3;
  • vitamin B5;
  • vitamin B6;
  • vitamin B9;
  • vitamin B7;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin A;
  • vitamin E;
  • vitamin F.

Read More about each vitamin.

Vitamin B2

This vitamin increases blood flow to the follicles and helps prevent hair loss in both women and men. Due to increased blood flow roots are enriched with the necessary amount of oxygen and nutrients. This not only stimulates hair growth, but also generally improves their condition. Clear signs of deficiency vitamin B2 is greasy roots and dry ends of the hair.

Vitamin V3

Another vitamin from group B that enriches hair follicles with nutrients. The action of nicotinic acid, also called vitamin B3, is aimed at eliminating dryness and hair loss.

Vitamin B5

Penetrates the roots, provides them with strength, improves growth and helps to avoid hair loss. The healing effect is achieved by activation of metabolic processes in cells.

Note! Vitamin B5 is considered to be one of the major used against hair loss.

The lack of vitamin B5 earlier appears gray.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin acts as a powerful stimulant of metabolic processes occurring within each hair. It prevents dandruff, relieves itching and other unpleasant symptoms that often accompany a person. In addition, it helps to get rid of hair loss.

If the body has enough vitamin B6, the problem of premature baldness rarely worries.

Vitamin B9

This vitamin, better known as folic acid, is extremely beneficial to the female body. In particular, it helps to avoid hair loss, makes the hair thick and gives it a healthy Shine. Folic acid multiplies the action vitamin B5, so it is recommended to drink them in the complex.

Vitamin B7

Another valuable element of for organism in General and for hair in particular. It helps curls to find natural beauty and healthy appearance. Vitamin B7 (Biotin) strengthens the hair follicle, participates in the sebaceous glands, accelerates metabolism. When there is a lack of this necessary substance, first increases the fat content of the hair, and then they fall out.

Vitamin With

Maintains the tone of capillaries through which blood is transported with beneficial components to the hair follicles. Thus, their nutrition is improved, which directly affects the health and condition of the hair. With a lack of vitamin C, you can see that the curls begin to fall out.

Vitamin A

Due to this vitamin, hair becomes thick and elastic, brittleness is reduced. They stop falling out. In addition, the work is normalized sebaceous glands, which reduces the fat content of the curls at the roots.

Vitamin E

Like other vitamins from hair loss, this valuable component intensely nourishes the follicles and regulates the formation of sebum. There is activation of all hair cells at the same time by improving blood circulation.

Vitamin F

Makes hair strong and silky. Provides hair protection from external negative factors. Helps prevent confluence hair extension.

Vitamins against hair loss: table

The table Below briefly describes the vitamins that help fight hair loss, as well as some of the foods that contain these vitamins.

Name of vitamin

Useful properties

In what products contains the

B Vitamins

Protect hair from breakage and loss

Give curls natural Shine and strength

Preserves the natural color




Legumes and other

Vitamin A

Strengthens hair follicles

Promotes hair growth

Prevents loss



Sweet pepper


Vitamin C

Glues the split ends

Strengthens hair from roots

Green Apples


Sea Buckthorn

Vitamin E

Enriches roots with oxygen

Prevents loss hair



Vitamin F

Nourishes the follicles

Eliminates excess fat

Helps to cope with the problem of hair loss


Dried Fruits

Sunflower oil

For women

The Causes of hair loss in women are often hormonal imbalances in the body. Often this happens in the menopause, during pregnancy or after childbirth.

Are Known as vitamins for hair loss in women:

  • retinol;
  • groups B;
  • tocopherol.

Vitamin-based Pharmaceutical preparations for women:

  • Centrum;
  • Pantovigar;
  • Elevator;
  • supradin and others.

Note! Women during pregnancy and in the postpartum period before taking vitamin complexes from hair loss should consult a doctor.

For men

Males Usually have hair loss is deficiency of such vitamins:

  • retinol;
  • thiamine;
  • Biotin;
  • tocopherol.

To compensate for the deficiency, you need to take medications on their basis. Among vitamin complexes have little confidence in men use Merz, AVS Speotrum, Centrum silver.

Complexes with vitamins and other nutrients

The Greatest efficiency among preparations for hair loss in men and women use:

  • Pantovigar capsules, which include medical yeast, calcium, cystine, thiamine and other valuable components, are recommended for women during pregnancy and men with androgen baldness;
  • Revalid – capsules with vitamin B, medical yeast, zinc, iron and wheat germ, prescribed for weakened follicles, dryness and brittle hair;
  • Perfectile – available in the form of capsules and tablets, the composition contains ascorbic acid, medical yeast, beta-carotene, thiamine, millet and others, recommended for non-hormonal alopecia, skin diseases, psoriasis, dry scalp;
  • Merz – dragee, consists of Biotin, calcium, beta-carotene, ascorbic acid and other useful components, is assigned mainly to men with hair loss.

Before choosing one or the other the drug should be consulted with your doctor. If you take vitamin complexes out of control, they may not give the required efficiency or even the opposite effect will be obtained.

How to accept?

Drink vitamin complexes against hair loss in different ways:

  • take as capsules or tablets;
  • add to hair cosmetics;
  • RUB it into the roots in the solutions vials, intended for injection;
  • apply in the composition of the masks;
  • inject intramuscularly;
  • include foods containing vitamins in the menu.

Application Depends on the case.


Some vitamins are not combined with each other, so before you take a particular drug, you should read the instructions for use. On the compatibility of drugs, first of all, they say in the case of internal use. In external use is often allowed to combine different means.

The following vitamins are Well combined:

  • A, E and S;
  • C and B9.

Not combine between themselves such be:

  • B7, B1 and B6;
  • C and all b vitamins except folic acid;
  • V12 and B6.

Note! Pyridoxine is often used as an additive in ready-made hair care products.

Hair Care at home

To improve the condition of hair and prevent hair loss at home, you should use these recommendations:

  1. To maintain beauty and health, you need to enter into the diet of all the necessary products containing vitamins (fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils and other).
  2. Exposure to hair dryers, irons and stylers adversely affects the condition of the hair, if possible, it is necessary to use these funds as rarely as possible.
  3. When choosing hair hygiene products, it is recommended to prefer organic cosmetics.

If you follow all of the above recommendations, you can until the end of life to maintain the condition of the hair at the optimum level.


Vitamins are good for the health of the whole body. In particular, they have a positive impact on the condition of the hair. It is possible to strengthen them both from within, and by local influence. Learn more about the importance of vitamins for hair in the video.

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