Vitamins for women over thirty and older: reception, products, medicines

Vitamins for women from 30 to 55

Every woman, having crossed the threshold of the fourth ten, should think about her health. If earlier the lack of nutrients could be compensated by youth and vigor, then by the age of thirty there are the first wrinkles, the first sudden illness, deterioration of the skin, hair and nails. in Other words, the body begins to wear out. But don't panic. All these small troubles can be easily eliminated if observe the balance of vitamins and minerals. We will tell you in detail about the necessary vitamins for women who have come out and are just beginning to come out of a young age.

Vitamins for women after 30

Thirty years is the age when most women already have children. Therefore, the main problems can be associated just with pregnancy and childbirth. Also possible the appearance of thyroid disease, breast and the appearance of the first migraines. Such ill health requires urgent action.

Vitamins for women who are over thirty years old:

  • Vitamins A and E. Help improve a woman's appearance. They are also able to strengthen the muscles and get rid of depression and bad mood.
  • Vitamin D. After pregnancy weaken bones, muscle, worsen hair and her teeth. Valuable the amount of vitamin D can compensate for this. It is best used with calcium.
  • Vitamin K. Regulates blood circulation, prevents blood clots.

As for nutrition, you need to focus on proteins and fats. It is better to refrain from carbohydrates at the age of thirty. It is necessary to use more meat and dairy products. You can also eat dark chocolate, which will support the nervous system in norm.

Vitamins for women after 40

They Say that in forty years the life only begins, but it will only be the case if feed vitamins women's health. Otherwise, many diseases can get out. Vitamins for forty-year-old women are needed at menopause and menopause are the periods when the body is more vulnerable than usual due to hormonal adjustment.

What are the vitamins and are minerals necessary for women at this age?

In addition To the basic set of vitamins, it is best for women after forty to focus on two vitamins: D and E. There are several reasons for this.

Vitamin D for women:

  • strengthens bones, prevents osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, joint diseases;
  • prevents cancer;
  • reduces the risk of early sclerosis

The Advantage of this vitamin is that it can be obtained by sunbathing.

Vitamin E for women:

  • prevents senile dementia;
  • prevents diseases cardiovascular system

Vitamin E can be found in plant foods, especially in such as nuts and sunflower oil.

Vitamins for women after 50 to 55

An Interesting fact is that because of the slowdown in metabolic processes, women who have crossed the fifty-year mark, vitamins are needed not as young. But despite the fact that at this age vitamins begin to be absorbed worse, their number in any case can not reduce.

Women 50-55 years of age need a tailored set of vitamins. Let's try to consider the main ones.

  • Vitamin D. Now it supports not only skeletal condition, but also skin elasticity, along with water balance in the body. Thanks to this vitamin, the woman will keep the youth and beautiful appearance longer.
  • Vitamin F. Its function is cholesterol excretion. Fatty acids also have a positive effect on the state of skin and hair. In addition, they are able to prolong sexual activity.
  • Vitamin K. it Helps to maintain blood circulation and is another step in maintaining a fresh appearance.

All these vitamins can be found in food. Women over 50 should focus on dairy and meat products, fish, mushrooms, green vegetables and a variety of oils (sunflower, olive, nut, etc.).

Vitamins for women in drugs

Still, do not rely only on food. A woman, starting from the age of thirty, should periodically contact doctors to prescribe her medication as a prevention. Sometimes the best vitamins for women can be found in tablets.

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