Vitamins for teeth: what vitamins should be taken for dental health. As the deficiency of micronutrients affects the condition of your teeth and gums?

Vitamins for teeth

Medical and cosmetic oral care alone is not enough To keep teeth strong and gums healthy for a long time. Health and appearance of teeth depends on whether the body receives enough minerals and vitamins for their nutrition and strengthening.

Vitamins for teeth, microelements and vitamins for gums

For strong teeth, strong enamel, it is necessary that people in the diet received the necessary amount of vitamin A, b, C and D. the Lack of these vitamins can be filled with both vitamin complexes and directly from food.

1) Vitamin A.

It is indispensable for the prevention of periodontal disease and General strengthening of teeth. With its shortage, there is a sharp deterioration in the condition of the teeth, there are:

  • Shakiness and soreness,
  • Elevated/lowered salivation,
  • damage to the enamel,
  • Inflammation of the oral mucosa.

Foods containing vitamin A, healthy teeth: orange vegetables, milk, butter, cottage cheese, liver.

2) Vitamin D.

Without it, it is impossible for the body to assimilate calcium and phosphorus, which are indispensable for the health of teeth. With its lack of a characteristic:

  • Caries,
  • Weak, crumbling teeth (with a long shortage).

Summer vitamin D in sufficient quantity we receive through sunlight. But in winter you should pay special attention to fatty fish and dairy products.

3) Vitamin C.

Essential vitamin for gum health and prevention of periodontal disease. It is responsible for the strength of blood vessels. Symptoms of deficiency:

  • periodontal Disease of different degrees,
  • Inflammation of the oral mucosa,
  • Ulcers on the gums.

You can Get vitamin C only from vegetable food: cabbage, greens, sour berries and citrus.

B vitamins

These vitamins for teeth support the growth and regeneration of muscle and bone tissue. With their shortage, there is a shakiness of teeth and their subsequent loss.

4) Vitamin B6 – the most important of the whole group for beautiful smile. Products enriched with this vitamin: cereals, bran, oatmeal, red pepper, yeast, liver, meat.

5) B1 and 2.

Essential vitamins for teeth, the lack of which are characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Dry and irritated oral mucosa.
  • Ulcers on the gums.
  • Zaedy in corner of the lips.
  • Dulling taste.

Useful for teeth products: coffee beans, meat by-products, beans.

6) B12.

It may be the only food of animal origin: meat, sub - and dairy products. In plant sources it is not.

7) Vitamin E

Lack of this vitamin leads to sensitive gums, the appearance of ulcers and wounds on them, which eventually leads to periodontal disease. Vitamin E can be obtained from vegetable oils and sprouted wheat or corn grains, soybeans, cod.

Eight)Vitamin K.

This vitamin promotes wound healing and elimination of gum sensitivity. They are rich in rose hips, spinach, carrots, soybeans and corn.

9) Vitamin PP.

Symptoms if there is insufficient:

  • Plaque on the tongue and oral mucosa.
  • Stomatitis.
  • Gingivitis.

This active biological substance is abundant in meat and liver, cereals, legumes, yeast.

All of the above vitamins, in addition to beneficial effects on the condition of the teeth and gums, have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

Taking vitamins for healthy teeth and gums, you should be aware of such important factors like protein and calcium intake. It is the building material of our teeth. With its lack of any vitamins will not save them from destruction.

Also do not forget to visit the dentist several times a year and take care of dental and oral hygiene.

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