Vitamins for nursing mothers: where to contain, how to use

All you need to know about vitamins young mothers

Breastfeeding is one of the most difficult periods in a woman's life. First, she needs to recover from pregnancy, and, secondly, to think not only about themselves, but also about the child. Such a vital aspect as nutrition comes to the fore in these months. Both a weakened female body and an undeveloped child need huge doses of nutrients to normal function.

What vitamins need to be consumed after childbirth?

Vitamins for nursing mothers - the main thing to pay attention to after childbirth. Nutrition during lactation must be complete, balanced and contain all the necessary substances, because all this is transmitted through milk to the child.

What vitamins are required for nursing mothers?

  • Vitamin D. At the time of feeding this vitamin to be Central to the diet of newly-mom. He is responsible for strengthening the skeleton, which is necessary for the still fragile bones of the child. Deficiency of this vitamin increases the risk of rickets and fractures.
  • Vitamin A. It is very important in the first place for women who have worsened the condition of their teeth during pregnancy, nails and hair. It also affects the proper development of vision, which can prevent myopia or farsightedness in the future.
  • B Vitamins. They are responsible for the functioning of the liver, brain and nervous system. The latter is very important for women with postpartum depression. In addition, group B helps to strengthen the muscles and bones of the mother and child.
  • Vitamin PP. It should be taken in order to establish the work of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract. If the mother uses vitamin PP, the risk of the child's gastritis, pressure problems and low hemoglobin is significantly reduced.
  • Vitamin C. It helps to strengthen the child's immune system and protect it from frequent colds in the future.
  • Vitamin E. All vitamins of group E are important first of all for nursing mothers. They help battered after birth, the body re-build up.

As we can see, practically all vital vitamins are essential for breastfeeding. It is important to know what products they contain to make for themselves during lactation competent menu.

Products with essential vitamins after delivery

First of all, let's pay attention to the food, which absolutely can not be consumed during breastfeeding. This:

  • Chips, crackers, noodles, tea bags, carbonated water. Here - no comments, such products are undesirable there are even those who are far from pregnancy.
  • Fatty, fried, smoked. Such heavy dishes can spoil the taste of milk and cause stomach disorders in a child.
  • Salt and spices. They can be added only in small quantities.
  • Onion and garlic. Despite the usefulness of these vegetables, it is better to exclude them from the diet for a while, otherwise the milk will be bitter.
  • Sweets and citrus. When abuse of these products in a child inevitable diathesis, allergies and stomach disorders.

What needs there is:

  • Meat. Only in a boiled kind or prepared on pair.
  • Dairy products. Do not forget about calcium, which is necessary for the infant body.
  • Vegetables and fruits. Useful fiber is very necessary for the full development of the child.
  • Cereals, porridge.
  • Natural juices.

Medical vitamins for nursing mothers: what is better?

Postpartum women's body is so weakened that vitamins from ordinary foods will not be enough. The attending physician must appoint you a set of drugs that you have to drink to establish a balance. If you want to learn about the best vitamins for nursing, you can read more about it on the Internet. Try to choose the pills that would contain in itself the entire spectrum of the above vitamins.

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