Vitamins for hair: the best and useful

To Keep the beauty of a woman is sometimes difficult, but those who regularly take vitamins for hair, can boast of thick hair. Their benefits are obvious: they act from the inside, restoring the work of all organs, or locally, if used in masks and other cosmetics. Today consumers are offered such a wide range that it is time to get confused. To determine the choice will help rating, which includes the best vitamins for hair extension.

What vitamins should I drink for my hair?

It is impossible to Improve the health of hair without preliminary improvement of its follicles. Therefore, the main action of vitamins is aimed at nutrition of roots. If you enrich them with essential minerals and other nutrients, improve the structure of the hair, they will acquire a healthy Shine.

The Quality of hair raise such be:

  • retinol (A);
  • ascorbic acid (C);
  • tocopherol (E);
  • vitamins of group B.

If you eliminate the deficit of vitamins, will be able to prevent hair loss, improve their growth. For hair recovery suitable vitamin complexes. If there is a deficiency of a particular vitamin, you can drink it.

Important! Despite the fact that vitamins at first glance seem very harmless, their overdose and improper use can lead to serious negative health consequences. Therefore, before taking vitamins, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor!

Ranking of vitamin producers for hair

Vitamin complexes for hair are presented by different companies. Their useful properties are also applicable to nails, skin and internal organs.

Note! Vitamins of domestic production are usually cheaper than foreign analogues.

The Rating of manufacturers of vitamins for hair:

  1. Merz Pharma
  2. Dixon
  3. "Home recipes"
  4. "Lekhim"
  5. "Marbiopharm"

Rating vitamins for hair (for ingestion)

Choose the necessary complex vitamins for hair will help rating, far included best:

  1. Virtum Beauty
  2. Compliments The Radiance
  3. Alerana
  4. Perfektil
  5. Pantovigar
  6. Attributed to
  7. Merz Beauty
  8. Alphabet Cosmetics
  9. Horsepower
  10. hair Expert

It is Necessary to say a couple of words about each drug from the rating.

Vitrum Beauty

These vitamins are among the best, suitable for strengthening and hair growth. They are presented in the form of tablets, easy to use and contain the maximum amount of valuable substances. As part of the complex there are all known vitamins, the effect of which is aimed at improving the health of hair.  

Compliments Radiance

Another good vitamin complex. Trichologists confirm the positive effect after taking a Complivit Radiance. The drug activates hair growth, prevents hair loss and generally improves the appearance of curls. The product contains all known vitamins, minerals and green extract tea's.


Trichologists leave positive feedback about this complex. Presented in the form of tablets. The drug provides two formulas:

  • daily (vitamins C, E, B9 and B1, minerals, beta-carotene) – protects the hair and helps to restore the hair shaft;
  • night (vitamins D3, B6, B2, B12, B7, cystine, para-aminobenzoic acid) – improves regeneration process.


This vitamin complex is prescribed for alopecia. It restores cells, promotes hair growth, removes harmful substances from the body. In the composition Perfectil contain vitamins, minerals, Pantothenic acid, extract of Echinacea and burdock.


The Drug restores the structure of the hair, nourishes it from the inside, helps to grow long curls. Pantovigar is often prescribed to women who have undergone diffuse hair loss. In addition, the vitamin complex is recommended for men in the treatment of androgenic alopecia. In the latter case, the drug is used as an additional remedy.

Attributed to

Presented vitamin complex is considered one of the best. It affects the hair onion, nourishes it, strengthens. Due to this, hair loss is prevented. The drug consists of vitamins B and A, calcium and Pantothenate.

Merz Beauty

Vitamin complex is used for active growth and hair loss prevention. As part of Merz beauty are vitamins, medical yeast beta-carotene, cystine, minerals.

Alphabet Cosmetics

The composition of the vitamin complex includes nutrients that do not interfere with the absorption of each other in the human body.

Three types of tablets are included, which are differ in composition:

  • green;
  • yellow;
  • red.

Alphabet Cosmetics improves blood circulation, actively nourishes the roots and strengthens the hair along the entire length.


Helps strengthen hair follicles, improves hair growth, gives them a natural Shine. Contains almost all b vitamins, minerals.

Hair Expert

Tablets restore the structure of the hair and return them to health. The drug is often prescribed for alopecia.  

Rating of the best vitamins for hair in ampoules and solutions

The Most effective are considered vitamin complexes for oral administration, because they affect the entire body from the inside. However, it is possible to achieve a positive result and when you use local actions. These are shampoos and hair masks. On sale you can find ready-made cosmetics for hair, enriched with vitamins. But to make shampoo or hair treatment easily by yourself adding ampoules or solutions with vitamins. In any case, so you can provide yourself with guarantees, unlike ready-made tools, among which there are often crafts.

Note! Before the transformation of normal hygiene funds in therapeutic it is recommended to consult a doctor. It will tell you which vitamins are best used and indicate the optimal dosage.

Rating of the best vitamins in ampoules and hair solutions:

  1. Dikson Polipant complex
  2. Complex "Home recipes"
  3. hair Serum for your hair, but

Note! To further maintain the health of the hair, it is necessary to maintain the level of vitamins in the body. To do this, you should include vitamin-rich foods in the menu.

Dikson Polipant complex

The Manufacturer claims that its product belongs to the upper class and is suitable for professional hair care. As part of the tool: animal placenta extract, proteins, extracts from plants, vitamins and other nutrients.

Vitamin complex makes the scalp tone, improves blood circulation at the roots of the hair, prevents hair loss and promotes growth. The advantages include high efficiency (the first results are noticeable after 2 weeks from the beginning of use), ease of use, elimination of dandruff, no need for flushing. It has a pleasant smell.

Among the disadvantages should be noted the high cost.

Complex "Home recipes" for hair

In Addition to the necessary vitamins, due to which the therapeutic effect is achieved, the preparation includes vegetable oils, silk proteins. Vitamin complex is designed to restore damaged hair, allowed to use for colored strands. Eliminates excess fat, which often accumulates at the roots. The hair itself becomes soft and silky.

The benefits include instant funds visual effect, which is noticeable after the first use, natural composition, pleasant smell, affordable price. Among the shortcomings, many note the need to wash off the tool after use, which is quite problematic.

Serum for your hair, but for hair

Created on the basis of plant products, minerals, essential oils, vitamins. The serum strengthens the roots of hair, awakens the dormant bulbs. Curls smaller fall out, do not split at the ends.

Since the composition includes only natural products, there is no danger to the body in the form of side effects. The drug does not need to be washed off after application.

Disadvantages consist in fast expenditure and high cost.

Video about vitamins for hair

Before using vitamins for hair, it is necessary to find out the cause of their loss or damage. When hormonal failures are used one drug, and after chemical influences on the locks of – the other. Before you make a choice, you need to visit a doctor.

Video will help to get acquainted with the vitamins for hair.

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