Vitamin F: health and appearance benefits. Where contained, how to take.

Benefits of vitamin F

Few people know About vitamin F. Usually people wishing to improve their health, focus on more well-known vitamins such as A, E or B, while vitamin F remains undeservedly forgotten. Perhaps this is because scientists have discovered it not so long ago and those who are not interested in medicine, it is not yet at the hearing.

Vitamin F content

Vitamin F consists of unsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic acid (omega-3) and arachidonic acid (omega-6). Because of their content, this vitamin got its name (from the first letter of the English word "fat"). Let you not scares, as natural fats are necessary for all without exception, even those who are on a diet for weight loss. Weight vitamin F can only be influenced in the case, if it is misused,

Why do we need to consume vitamin F?

Lack of vitamin F is fraught with many diseases, from which many suffer, but can not understand where they came from. They are seemingly insignificant, but can greatly poison the lives of its owners. Consider the most famous diseases of this type.

  • skin Problems. If you have dry flaky skin with an unhealthy color - this is a sure sign of vitamin f deficiency. In some cases, it can be causeless rashes and pimples.
  • Obesity. For someone it may seem a paradox that the lack of fatty acids provokes obesity, but there is a simple and logical explanation: our body a priori needs natural fats, and if it does not feed, it will produce fats from harmful food.
  • blood pressure Problems. Most often it is greatly increased.
  • a lowered immunity. Those who do not have enough vitamin F, can suffer from a cold in the cold seasons almost every month.
  • Depression, stress. Vitamin F stimulates the activity of the human body, and without it there is fatigue, drowsiness and bad mood.

Foods with vitamin F

Largest number this vitamin is found in fish. Scientists have proved that people who eat a lot of fish are least susceptible to diseases of the cardiovascular system. As a rule, vitamin F is found only in sea fish, so in your diet should add sprat, trout, sturgeon, mullet, halibut and salmon. Two times a week of seafood consumption is enough to provide your body with a sufficient dose of vitamin.

Also a lot of vitamin F in nuts, dried fruits, avocado, oatmeal, oils (olive, soy, sunflower), sesame and black currant.

As for medications with vitamin F, then most of all he hated by many a childhood fish oil. Fortunately, now you can not drink fish oil with spoons, and take in capsules. This is especially necessary for those who have vitamin F in serious deficiency and a sufficient amount in food can not be found. You can not be afraid of overdose, as vitamin F has virtually no side effects.

Vitamin F for beauty

Very often vitamin F is used for external use. Women who want to improve the condition of their skin, make face masks from products that contain fat acids. For example, effective is a mask of grated Apple and olive oil.

If you prefer pharmacy cosmetics, pay attention to vitamin cream "F99". It is used for hands, face and the whole body, sometimes they even smear the skin of young children who have irritation or dermatitis.

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