Vitamin E: where contained, how to take

Vitamin E as a means of maintaining health

Each of the known science vitamins is essential for human health. If there is not at least one of them, it can lead to the most unpleasant and disastrous consequences. And vitamin E or, as it is called, tocopherol acetate is no exception. This vitamin is necessary for any age group of men and women, because it performs several important health functions, which will continue to go speech.

Vitamin E use

If you regularly take vitamin E, you can forget about many diseases, or at least prevent some of them. From what does this vitamin protect?

  • Cardiovascular diseases. Often the lack of vitamin E causes low hemoglobin, anemia, pressure disorders and even heart attacks.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Vitamin E helps not only in serious diseases, such as ulcers, but also in elementary digestive disorders.
  • muscle Problems. Vitamin E has a restorative effect. It can update cells in a short time the body, so it is very often used by athletes because of the heavy load. It also relieves muscle cramps. 
  • diseases of the skin. Here we are talking not only about serious lesions, but also about age spots, which are inevitable in old age.
  • During pregnancy. Vitamin E should be taken when planning pregnancy and during it. It helps to conceive and keep the fruit.
  • Weakness, fatigue. Vitamin E is not bad "energy" for the body, so those who regularly use it, are always in a cheerful and active state.

Vitamin E: which contains?

Vitamin E can be found in many foods. The largest amount of it is contained in oils - sunflower, olive, soy. It is also found in some types of meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, legumes and dairy products.

As a rule, a healthy person has enough vitamin E obtained naturally from food, but those who have a large shortage of it, it is recommended to take medicines with it. You need to see a doctor, so he appointed you an individual dose of vitamin E and the cycle of its reception. Usually vitamin E is sold in tablets, drops, ampoules.

Daily value of vitamin E

For a healthy person enough to be 10-20 mg of vitamin E per day. Variations depend on the Constitution of the body, energy and individual perception. Much more it is necessary to one who has an acute deficiency of vitamin E or diseases in which it is necessary.

Consider the basic conditions of the body, in which the level of this vitamin should be increased:

  • severe burns and wounds on the skin (this also includes surgery);
  • toxic poisoning;
  • infections of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver;
  • heavy physical activity;
  • selenium deficiency;
  • pregnancy and lactation

Vitamin E in the beauty industry

Vitamin E is a natural substance to become fresher, prettier and younger. Women who always want to look good, most often it is used:

  • For skin. It is equally good for burns, irritation, allergies, General skin laxity. Protecting the skin from free radicals, it helps it to tighten and maintain elasticity.
  • For the face. Vitamin E relieves the face of acne, rashes, spots, black spots, freckles. It also eliminates bags under the eyes and improves skin color.
  • For hair. Vitamin E helps to keep hair healthy for a long time able, without breakage and loss. That was the effect, it is advisable to regularly do a hair mask.

To the appearance of radiant health, sometimes there are few foods that contain vitamin e as preventive maintenance though sometimes you need to use cosmetic products that contain it. Very popular is the oil solution of vitamin E, which is sold in any pharmacy.

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