Vitamin diet, Vitamin and protein diet: menu, reviews, weight loss results

Vitamin dietUsually vitamin diet comes to mind is that the beach is too little time, and the figure still leaves much to be desired. They say that with the help of fruits and vegetables to lose weight simply, quickly and safely. However, not everything is so rosy – effective, and most importantly, a stable weight loss is usually unattainable without knowledge of certain techniques and subtleties, to avoid the main side effect of diets from some useful when making tea – slowing down of metabolism.

Classic vitamin diet and methods of its application

"Classics of the genre" is a kilogram of any vegetables, preferably multi-colored, and from half to a kilogram of fresh fruit per day. This diet should be followed during the week, "plumb" will be from 5 to 7 kg.

Pros: fiber-rich diet get rid of constipation, and vitamins from natural products will improve skin and hair condition.

Cons: diet does not contain complete protein, and causes weight loss due to muscle tissue. As a result, after a week on a diet you will need even fewer calories than before, and in order not to gain weight, will have to be limited to a very strict and meager menu.

In addition, you can eat meat, vegetables and fruits can cause dental problems ("set on edge"), permanent diarrhea, dehydration and bloating stomach's.

From the point of view of a way of life at such "weight loss" too one continuous minuses – you should avoid catering establishments, parties and even family dinners.

How to achieve results in weight loss:

  • for diet time totally eliminate power loads.
  • do something like yoga and walking, 30-60 minutes every day to maintain the speed of metabolic processes;
  • not overwork, sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, minimize stress;
  • after seven days on vegetables and fruits, go to balanced diet calories no more numbers "your basic metabolism plus 200-300 calories", or add 100 kcal per week to the energy value that you get by multiplying the current body weight by 20;
  • totally eliminate refined sugar, white flour and hydrogenated fats for 3-4 months after the diet to stabilize weight and appetite.

Vitamin protein diet

Vitamin and protein diet is an option protein-carbohydrate alternation. For example, on Monday you eat only vegetables and some unsweetened fruits.
Adding to its food 1 portion of Herculean porridge and 1 Cup of yogurt, if hunger is strong.

"vitamin day" Menu can be as follows:
Breakfast: 2 ripe fruits, 100 g oatmeal
Snack: Cup of berries
Lunch: vegetable soup with vegetable broth or stewed vegetables
Snack: 1-2 fruits
Dinner: a portion of salad or stewed or boiled vegetables
Front sleep: a glass of kefir.

the Following day is protein and vitamin.
Just add to each main meal 100-200 g of low-fat protein sources – cottage cheese up to 2% fat, chicken Breasts, shrimp, seafood, white fish.

followed by a pure protein day.
You can arrange a fasting day for 1 liter of kefir and 500-600 g of chicken Breasts or use any other diet, for example, 200g of any protein dish divide into 5-6 meals.

Adhere to such a diet (diet protein vitamin) can be from 7 to 30 days.

the Advantages of vitamin protein diet: contains protein, which means that it does not cause a sharp slowdown in metabolism and deterioration of immunity. Vegetables and fruits will serve as a good prevention of bowel disorders, and a varied diet allows you to stick to the diet long enough to slim.

Cons: the diet does not include (or almost does not include) complex carbohydrates – cereals, whole grain bread, therefore, is not suitable for vigorously training athletes. In addition, it is only necessary to add porridge and bread, weight may increase by 2-3 kg due to fluid retention.

How to achieve the result using protein vitamin diet:

  • for diet time make your workouts short – not more than an hour, but intense. It is best to alternate day interval aerobic-strength training day "pure cardio";
  • after the diet, try to add new products carefully. Start with kas and spend the first week on the alternation, cereals, add in the vegetable (the first) day.

Protein vitamin diet – reviews thinner: it is possible to keep weight, eating porridge, vegetables, lean meat and fish, dairy products and fruit, and the need to severely limit calories disappears by itself. That is, diet protein vitamin allows you to maintain good health and at the same time lose weight.

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