Vitamin B12: what the body needs, list of products

It is Known that vitamin B12 is necessary for the human body, because it takes part in the production of red blood cells and DNA synthesis, helps to work properly the brain, the Central nervous system. Its deficit adversely affects the functioning of vital organs, reduces the level of energy. This vitamin, which dissolves perfectly in water, is also called cobalamin. Its natural source is some foods, but with acute the lack of B12 vitamin complex is prescribed in the form of an injection or tablets.

Useful properties of vitamin B12

It Has long been established that in the human body vitamin B12 is presented in the following forms:

  • cyanocobalamin;
  • antidote agent hydroxocobalamin-commonly.

Both species are required by humans because they are involved in the decay of many substances.

The Beneficial properties of vitamin B12 are the following:

  • formation of certain areas of the DNA molecule – this is the answer to the question why vitamin B12 is so important for the female body, the transfer of hereditary information associated with planning pregnancy;
  • restoration of brain activity – without vitamin B12 cell division of this organ does not occur, and the violation of its work strikes at other systems;
  • acceleration formation of red blood cells – because the red blood cells are transporters of oxygen to all organs, while lack of vitamin B12 disrupts the development of the body;
  • protection liver from harmful substances – when exposed to toxic compounds, coming from the use of alcohol, medication or drugs, the human body suffers primarily liver, and cobalamin is able to clean it and restore function organ;
  • prevention of gallstones;
  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels and preventing the appearance of cholesterol plaques – under the influence of vitamin B12, the walls of blood vessels become stronger, and the level of cholesterol in the blood decreases;
  • strengthening the cardiovascular system – cobalamin tends to restore the heart rhythm and makes the heart muscle tighter;
  • help in the fight against diseases of the musculoskeletal system – in particular, B12 is used as an additional agent in the treatment of rickets and osteoporosis;
  • elimination of signs of allergic reactions – the role of cobalamin is to relieve itching, peeling, redness and other skin Allergy symptoms;
  • the protection of the mucous membranes – shields from negative exposure to irritants, reduces inflammation.

It Can be concluded that vitamin B12, of course, is necessary for the human body as a whole, as indicated by its many useful properties.

Benefit for women

The Presence of vitamin B12 in the female body is very important because it helps in conception and carrying a child. In addition, it protects the bones of postmenopausal women, making them stronger. As you know, at this stage in the female body there is a hormonal restructuring, as well as reduced calcium reserves.

In Addition, vitamin B12 actively fights age-related changes. It moisturizes the skin, eliminates its pallor, pigmentation, which is especially important for women. This vitamin is often included in masks, creams and other cosmetics from the age series.

Note! According to scientists, women who stepped over forty years of age, be sure to need vitamin B12 to maintain good physical shape. To start the process of burning fat, the body needs a signal from the brain. And since the deficiency of a valuable element of the body slows down, reduces the rate of breakdown of body fat.

Natural sources of B12

To maintain the level of vitamin B12 in the normal, it is necessary to introduce products with its content in the daily menu.

Note! Sometimes, even with the systematic use of products containing cobalamin, the body experiences a deficiency of the element. The fact that it is poorly absorbed in the digestive system and better assimilate it helps calcium. With a deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body, doctors prescribe a vitamin complex in injections or tablets.

Vitamin B12 Stores are in the liver. Part of it it is produced by bacteria that live in the intestine. It is believed that natural sources of cobalamin are products of animal origin. Indeed, it is found in the liver and meat of animals, eggs, fish. But thanks to the modern development of the food industry vitamin B12 can be obtained from other ingredients. An example of this is soy milk or Breakfast cereals.

10 main products with V12

The Main reserves of vitamin B12 are products:

  • beef liver;
  • sardine;
  • lamb meat;
  • Atlantic mackerel;
  • yeast food;
  • salmon;
  • cow meat (beef);
  • feta cheese;
  • cottage cheese;
  • chicken eggs.

These products play a significant role in enriching the human body with vitamin B12.

Beef liver

Useful product with a high content of vitamin B12 and other components. It takes only 30 g per day to enrich the body with the daily rate of cobalamin. When buying beef liver, it is important to pay attention to its appearance, which indicates the degree of freshness and quality of the product. In addition, its use is an excellent prevention of anemia, because this ingredient contains iron, folic acid and other useful substances for the female and male body.


Another product that vitamin B12 is second only to beef liver. Fish meat contains omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to strengthen the heart muscle and blood vessels. Regular use of sardines can get rid of asthma and reduce inflammation.

Lamb meat

Different softness and pleasant taste. It includes a large number of vitamins and minerals, among which the body needs B12. Lamb meat increases immunity, thereby preventing various diseases.

Atlantic mackerel

This type of fish is a leader in the content of nutrients, in the list of which vitamin B12. Those who want to stick to proper nutrition, when preparing a diet should include it in your menu. Not to be confused with Atlantic mackerel with king, because they are somewhat different in composition.

Food yeast

It is not a secret that there are people in the world who do not eat meat products. For vegetarians created food yeast, which is rich in vitamin B12. And not only this element is included in their composition. Among the useful components is also worth noting a protein containing half of all the amino acids that the human body can not produce.


W salmon also contains a lot of vitamin B12 and D. However, the maximum benefit can be obtained from the meat of fish caught in natural waters. Salmon, grown in artificial conditions specifically for sale, is stuffed with harmful substances.

Note! As the results of studies show, regular use of salmon makes it possible to strengthen the skeleton, slow down its aging. This, in turn, reduces the risk of fractures in people over the age of 65 years.


Domestic cow Meat is an ideal source of protein. In addition, it enriches the body with vitamin B12, A, E, as well as antioxidants, which actively fights the growth of cancer cells.

Feta cheese

Feta cheese contains many nutrients, including vitamin B12. Usually it is made of their sheep's milk, which also includes Riboflavin and calcium. It is noticed that the use of feta cheese can get rid of headaches.

Cottage Cheese

The Value of cottage cheese has been known for a long time. It is one of the main sources of calcium, protein and vitamin B12. It is useful for children and adults. Calcium together with cobalamin helps strengthen bones.


Another product of animal origin, which is found in a lot of vitamin B12. They also present choline, a beneficial effect on the work livers.

Note! The statement is well known that to preserve all the vitamins, the product preferably consumed raw. But it does not apply to B12. The content of this element will remain as high even if the product is subjected to heat treatment.

Table of products containing vitamin B12

The table shows a group of products that contain a lot of vitamin B12.

Product, 100 g

Amount of vitamin B12, mcg

Liver beef


Liver of a pig


Liver chicken








Meat pigs




Meat rabbit








Eggs, sour cream


Hard cheese


Daily values

The Daily value of cobalamin required for the full functioning of the body depends on the age of the person, as well as other factors:

  • a child under the age of 13 you need 2.2 µg;
  • young people 15-25 years will need 2.4 mcg;
  • people over the age of 25 have a 2.5 and 2.6 mcg of B12;
  • women carrying a child – from 2.6 µg;
  • women during breastfeeding – from 2.8 µg.

Thus, vitamin B12 plays an important role in the functioning of the human body. It should be remembered that alcoholic beverages, alkalis, hormones and sleeping pills inhibit the absorption of cobalamin. It interferes with the absorption of vitamin B12 in the intestine long-term intake of potassium. In addition, it is not recommended to combine this element with ascorbic acid, corticosteroids, neuroleptic and anti-TB drugs.

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