Vitamin B12 (anti-anemic vitamin): a complete description, use, functions, dosage, sources.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a bright red water-soluble substance with one cobalt molecule at the center.

Due to the fact that sufficient amounts of vitamin B12, which enter the human body, have the ability to prevent the development of anemia, the substance has received another name: Antianemic vitamin.

B12 is a vitamin that stimulates the growth processes, affecting the glycolysis, involved in the synthesis of nucleic acids, purine bases, plays an important role in protein metabolism, or rather, provokes the use of amino acids. The substance is also necessary to maintain the process of hematopoiesis at the proper level. Vitamin b 12 reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, increasing the reserves of glycogen in the liver, participates in the process of the metabolism of carbohydrates; contributes to the transformation of carotene to retinol.

Vitamin a is used in free form throughout the process metabolism of the individual intestinal bacteria.

Normal intestinal microbial flora synthesizes a small amount of vitamin b12, but it is not absorbed in the colon. In view of this, in order to meet the needs of the body, the substance must come from food. Vitamin B12 is effective in symbiosis with folic acid (vitamin B9).

Vitamin B12 or Cyanocobalamin in synthetic form is commercially available in the following forms:

  • vitamin B12 in tablets;
  • vitamin B12 in ampoules.

Daily requirement.

A Person needs 0.003 mg of vitamin B12 per day.

At first glance, it seems, what is a low amount of compound can not dramatically affect metabolism. But scientists have found that a partial lack or complete absence of cyanocobalamin leads to serious violations in human health.

For pregnant women, the daily rate of the substance increases by 3 times, as for athletes experiencing heavy physical activity. Also, a greater amount of cyanocobalamin is necessary for the elderly, because with age the absorption of this substance from the intestine it's getting problematic.

Vitamin B12 functions:

  • takes part in the formation of amino acids, the synthesis of individual enzymes;
  • participates in protein, fat, carbohydrate metabolism;
  • important for normal development and growth of the child;
  • takes part in the maturation of red blood cells and in hematopoiesis;
  • used in various diseases of the skin, nervous system, liver;
  • improve concentration, memory;
  • boosts immunity;
  • increases defensive power;
  • it is used for the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis, and also has an anti-sclerotic effect;
  • prevents vitamin deficiencies in vegetarians.

Lack of vitamin B12 in the human body

Hypovitaminosis B12 is the name of the disease Adisson-Barmera. The sign of this disease is the development of pernicious anemia. The disease is associated with a violation of the process of absorption of cyanocobalamin due to complete cessation or decrease in secretion gastronomiepreise.

Hypovitaminosis is accompanied by:

  • damage to the nervous system.
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • violation of processes hematopoiesis;
  • anemia;
  • violations on the part of the digestive system;
  • functional disorders of the Central nervous system.

Excess vitamin B12 in the human body

Hypervitaminosis B12 may lead to the appearance of allergies, increased excitability and increased blood clotting. The state of vitamin excess is possible when taking a substance in the form of tablets.

Vitamin B12 – in any products contains

Main sources: egg yolk, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, meat, kidneys, liver.

Vitamin b12 in cosmetology

Vitamin B12 is actively used to treat hair – in the form of inclusion in the masks or as a course of injections. In this instance vitamin B12 is a low price and high result.

It Should be remembered that the problem of hair loss involves a comprehensive approach to its solution. Initially, it is necessary to include in the diet foods enriched with vitamin B12, and review the developed eating habits.

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