Video of fitness classes with Carmen Electra

Fitness with Carmen ElectraFitness is an extremely useful and interesting activity. It is used to correct the figure, as a rehabilitation after injuries and operations, as well as a unique set of exercises for the development of grace and femininity.

The Use of aerobics

In some cases, moderate exercise can fully replace medical treatment. Well, rhythmic movements to the music (especially when you see a beautiful and skillful yourself in the mirror) become an excellent antidepressant and raise your mood. The benefits of fitness is undeniable. They are:

  • improve health and immunity (stimulate blood supply, increase physical and mental activity, help resist infections and strengthen the heart muscle);
  • strengthen the spine and joints (moderate loads on the knee and elbow joints successfully counteract arthritis and arthrosis);
  • help to lose weight (due to the load, glucose will be absorbed faster, subcutaneous fat will be burned more intensively, and proper nutrition will speed up the process);
  • strengthens the heart (rhythmically moving, your heart muscle is also rhythmical and more intensively pumping blood, which means – trains).

Fitness with Carmen Electra
How to choose the best way of training, not to harm and achieve results? The easiest way out is to watch videos with lessons and tips from coaches.

The workout from Carmen Electra useful and pleasant because it is built as a system.

There are tips and the ability to choose the optimal mode of training. See for yourself:

Classes with Carmen Electra

The Famous actress and singer Carmen, who released a series of discs with video lessons of the basics of strip-plastic and cardio-load, in her training tells in detail how to exercise different loads, to work out the most problematic areas: hips, buttocks and abs. If you regularly make complexes dictated by her and her assistants, you can not only create a slender figure, but also prepare for the execution of a Striptease.
Classes from Mrs. Electra – a multi-hour drives with a variety of sets of loads for different muscle groups. Experts involved in the creation of this complex, argue that aerobics combines methods of balance, coordination, plasticity, cardiovascular training, weight loss and self-confidence. This program will make you feel better not only women but also men. In this video, you can see that one of the coaches is a man, and he really goes to train with Carmen.

What is strip plastic?

This dance, based on jazz choreography and natural femininity, allows to Express emotions in the form of movements. It is widely believed that a Striptease is something shameful, is erroneous. Strip plastic – it's just beautiful, seductive and at the same time difficult. It involves physical training and hard work on the body, so that it can engage those who want to look beautiful and confident. The lessons on the video will teach you how to do it right.

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