Video of exercises for leg slimming – super-burning leg workout

Video exercises for legsVideo exercises for weight loss of legs are made on the principle of interval training. Training includes strength exercises for the legs, performed at a high pace without weights. This mode will help to reduce the volume of the hips. To increase the load, you will run on the spot in addition to the usual squats, plies and leg leads to the side.

These video exercises for legs should be performed by timer, trying to do as many movements in 40 seconds, you can set the signal on the phone. Training is based on the principle of alternating strength and aerobic exercise, perform each movement for 40 seconds, then 20 seconds to rest.

You can do foot exercises barefoot or in comfortable sport shoes. Be sure to lay a rubber Mat on the floor to soften the impact load. Before the training, review videopregnant foot fully and read the description. Practice regularly and do the exercises with full amplitude.

What exercises help to lose weight legs?

Block 1 Squat with Mach standing and running
Within 40 seconds, perform the squat with a move standing. Stand up, feet on the width of the pelvic bones, socks naturally deployed to the sides. Tighten the abdomen, perform a squat to parallel to the hips with the floor, at the bottom point push off with both feet and move to the side of the right thigh, performing a Mach. Return the right foot to the floor, again perform a squat and a Mach, but with the left foot. Try to move carefully, eliminate "swinging" of the body forward and backward, pull the thigh clear to the side, not moving it forward and backward.

Rest for 20 seconds, then run in place for 40 seconds, maintaining good intensity and not losing pace.

Block 2. A forward bend with a leg lift and run
Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Perform a forward bend, stretch your hands to the floor, simultaneously bringing the right leg straight back. The movement resembles a "swallow", familiar from school, but to bend deeper need parallel case with the floor, and the leg up higher. Within 40 seconds, alternate the slopes with the rise of the right and left feet. Bend the knee of the supporting leg slightly in each movement.

After 20 seconds rest, run in place for 40 seconds, work fast.

Block 3. Plie-spring or spring in a broad gray and running in place
Feet on width of 1 m, socks out. Go down in the plia to the parallel of the hips with the floor and spring at this level, rising and falling literally on several centimeters. Try not to move the body back and forth, keep the spine perpendicular to the floor. After completing the cycle, relax, and run

Block 4. Raising the legs in the supine position and running
Lie on your back, hips perpendicular to the floor, tighten the press, reduce and spread your legs with good amplitude, do not deviate from the hips perpendicular to the floor. Complete the series as usual by running on the spot.

Perform set up together with power exercises for other parts of the body or separately.

Movement with the weight of your own body will allow you to tighten the muscles, expend some calories and remove the excess volume. However, for serious fat burning will have to Supplement training longer cardio, for example, Jogging or classes on any cardio, as well as a rational diet.

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