Video exercises for weight loss with the help of hula Hoop

Hula Hoop for weight lossHoop – this is a great simulator with which you can do at home, so that every girl who cares about her figure, it is necessary to get them. Such classes bring undeniable benefits to your health. And spend a lot of time on such exercises you do not need.

The Benefits of exercises with a Hoop

Training with hula hop is not only a great aerobic exercise, but also an assistant for all systems and organs of your body:

  • cardio effect;
  • stimulation of blood flow;
  • better coordination;
  • level increase energy;
  • strengthening the muscles of the back and the whole body;
  • development of flexibility and plasticity;
  • improving the overall physical condition of the body.

Please note: the use of hula Hoop in case of back problems requires prior consultation with your doctor!
Hula Hoop for weight loss

Kinds of hoops

All hulahup there are two species:

  • ordinary,
  • weighted.

The first ones are suitable For warm-up and for beginners, while the weighted simulators have a strong fat burning effect. They can be equipped with massaging elements in the form of rubber balls. Their presence increases the effectiveness of training.

Do Not immediately choose the heaviest hoops, because they cause enough pain.

Increase the weight of the Hoop is best gradually.

Training with hula Hoop for weight loss

To achieve maximum efficiency from classes with Hoop, it is necessary to engage in at least 15-20 minutes daily. Technique of rotation of a hula Hoop it is quite difficult to describe, which is why, to learn how to twist the Hoop, you should see the video lessons of a professional coach:

Exercises with Hoop:

  • Stand up straight, bend your knees slightly so that one is slightly in front. The Hoop should touch your back. Give it a little push to get it moving. Support rotational movements by moving the weight from one foot to the other, as in dance. If you don't have enough time to exercise, focus on this exercise that will help you get rid of cellulite. Rotate the Hoop around the perimeter of the abdomen, and will soon see a positive effect.
  • Rotation of the Hoop on the hands will keep the tone in the muscles of the hands. Put your hands on the side, put the hula Hoop on your hand and scroll it. Support movement with circular hand movements.
  • To twist the Hoop on the leg, expose it perpendicular to the floor. Put on the Hoop and spin for at least 1-2 minutes. This exercise perfectly develops coordination of movements. To learn it, you will need several attempts.
  • Twist the Hoop on the hips can be in the standard position. Place the hula Hoop on the waist and hips. This will allow you to work out the hip line well.

Regular classes with hula Hoop will allow you to lose 3-4 kg within a month, to become the owner of a wasp waist and significantly improve overall health.
About how to combine classes with hula Hoop and other fitness exercises, see the video lesson:

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