Victoria Dayneko said that she has hidden obesity

Victoria Daineko quite harmonious figure. Unlike many other stars, the actress has never suffered from anorexia or, on the contrary, excess weight. However, it is her pictures in a bikini cause a flurry of discussions. 

Recently, BC had the ironic and tough to answer to their subscribers. "I'm being called anorexic again. Guys, I always have ribs sticking out, but did these thighs can be anorexia? My smart scales at home generally say that I have hidden obesity," Victoria wrote in Instagram.

The Singer repeatedly emphasized that her "native" weight at which she feels most comfortable, makes 55 kg at growth of 161 cm. If she loses weight a little, she tries to return to the previous figure.

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Earlier, the actress claimed that is not a supporter of diets. However, because of the gluten intolerance she had to abandon certain products. Victoria completely excluded from the diet wheat, rye, barley, oats and various derivatives of them, including wheat starch. 

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"I have always under any scenario has a butt and hips. I agree that it would be better Breasts, but that is all mine! And I have nothing to be ashamed of," dineko revealed. Also, the artist added that having the form, it is important to maintain them in good shape. She regularly trains in the gym, doing massage and cosmetic wraps. 

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