Vera Brezhneva's unique diet: rules, sample menu

The Slender figure of Vera Brezhneva is the object of admiration of millions of fans. However, the singer believes that every woman can achieve a perfect body. It does not require a lot of money, you need only willpower and the desire to be beautiful. The singer is happy to share the principles of his diet, which for many years to help her stay in perfect shape! 

Principles of the faith diet Brezhnev

  1. Conscious nutrition

People are difficult to prohibitions: as soon as something forbidden, something that I want. Therefore, Faith does not put itself rigid restrictions, but in most cases makes a choice in favor of healthy food. The actress is sure that food should be treated as fuel for the body.

"You're not going Porsche to fill up with cheap diesel - it will kill engine. And for some reason we are ready to throw anything at ourselves," Brezhnev reasonably notes. 

  1. Moderate portions

Per serving should be such an amount of food as will fit into two palms, if you put them a saucepan. At one meal you can eat no more than two servings:

  • salad + main course;
  • salad + soup;
  • soup + basic dish. 

But in no way case NOT: salad + soup + main course + compote + dessert. Otherwise, you will stretch your stomach, and the body will require more food. 

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  1. the Right snacks

Often we gain extra weight due to incorrect snacks. So buns, chips and cookies should be replaced with vegetables, fruits or nuts (a few grains will be enough to satisfy hunger). Usually Vera chooses grapefruit, carrot, orange or Apple as a snack. 

  1. Refusal of food on night

At night, the stomach should rest, not digest food. Therefore, the last meal should be a few hours before bedtime, so that all digestive processes have time to complete. In addition, for dinner you should always choose light dishes (for example, green salad and natural Greek yogurt). If you follow this rule, then in the morning you will be pleased with a flat tummy. 

  1. Compliance with the drinking regime

"I'm not a teetotaler, though, and Aquarius. I rarely want to drink water, so I have to remind myself that it is necessary and useful," the singer admits.

Vera drinks at least 1.5 liters of still water Per day. The first glass of the singer drinks immediately after waking up to cheer up and activate the metabolism. Also, she always drinks water for half an hour before each reception foods. 

Approximate menu Vera Brezhneva

Breakfast: barley porridge, whole grain bread and a piece of cheese

Snack: a handful of nuts

Lunch: chicken soup, vegetable salad

Snack: carrot sticks

Dinner: Greek yogurt

THE ABC RECOMMENDS Vera Brezhnev showed the figure without photoshop: fans are not confused by the modest size and small tummy

Singer notes, that its beautiful figure she owes it not only special diet, but and their sport. The singer regularly performs cardio and sit-UPS. Plus she does yoga every now and then. 

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