Vegetarianism: pros and cons | For weight loss and health

Many of us believe that vegetarianism is defective for entry into the diet of essential nutrients and taste good diet.

Abroad, the same vegetarian diet is deemed effective in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. A fashion for a healthy lifestyle draws more and more attention to this power system. After all, Vegetus from Latin – blooming, healthy. The growing popularity of this food system in Europe and America say and numerous vegetarian restaurants.

Let's try to understand the benefits of vegetarianism, the pros and cons of this food system. What are the main reasons for the rejection of meat and fish? Following the principles of vegetarianism can help:

Less sick and get rid of chronic diseases – refusal of fatty meat food normalizes metabolic processes, as a result, activates the body's own defenses. Vegetarian diet is good prevention against elevated cholesterol, which means that the risk of cardiovascular disease is reduced. In addition, getting rid of excess weight, in itself reduces the risk of many diseases.

• Increase period of active longevity – among the many centenarians are vegetarians, the body in compliance with this diet is not loaded with heavy protein and fatty foods, and thus less susceptible to disease and actively struggling with old age.

Vegetarianism and weight loss – vegetarian food contains less calories and fat. Eating less salt does not retain fluid in the body. Plant foods contain fiber, which will help to avoid constipation.

What are the advantages of vegetarianism?

• Constant consumption of meat causes poisoning of the body by protein breakdown products. And if constipation develops, the intestine is constantly undergoing the processes of decay that poisons the whole body. This is especially true of people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and the elderly.

• Constant consumption of meat food shifts the acid-base balance in the body "acid" side, which in itself can lead to the development of certain diseases (diathesis, gout).

• "meat Eaters" consume more salt, which can also cause disease.

• With meat, especially imported, we get hormones and antibiotics that we've been feeding the animals.

Adherents of vegetarianism believe that the need for meat is not due to the presence of many nutrients in it, but to the stimulating effect on the nervous system nitrogenous extractives. That is, getting used to meat has the same nature as getting used to strong tea and coffee, Smoking and alcohol.
Therefore, a person who decided to switch to a vegetarian diet, the first month or two will have to "fight" with the desire to eat meat.

Those who have chosen vegetarianism, try to stick around a healthy lifestyle, so it is also recommended:

• replace Edible salt with sea salt and reduce it quantity, or replace it with a seasoning, of crushed garlic, grated radish or horseradish with lemon juice.

• Sugar replace honey, and sweets – dried fruits.

• replace Natural coffee with coffee drinks from chicory, barley, rye and oats.

• Instead black tea to drink herbal or green.

Disadvantages of vegetarianism

Just note, these disadvantages are relevant for "pure" vegetarians, that is, those who do not in addition to meat and fish, she also eats dairy products and eggs.

    Nutritionists warn that vegetarianism is a health-improving diet, but it lacks (especially for a growing and young body) essential vitamins (B2, B12, D), as well as iron, calcium, zinc. A lack of nutrients can also lead to disease.

The Negative effect of such a diet during the growth of the body (for children, adolescents, pregnant women) is obvious.

    Children-vegetarians in most cases, lag behind in physical development from their peers, have a reduced level of haemoglobin, the body, they are more susceptible to infections.

The American dietetic Association expressed this opinion about whether the transition to vegetarianism is necessary:

With the additional intake of vitamins and minerals, vegetarianism is one of the ways to prevent atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases.

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