Valeria showed a budget way to lose weight by the summer

At 51 years old singer Valeria boasts a flawless figure like a teenage girl. Detractors say that this is the result of surgery.

However, the singer denies the rumors, claiming that her ideal form is the result of daily effort. And in support of his words Valeria told how simple and budget can lose weight by the summer!

Budget way to slimming from Valeria

Not to gain extra pounds, the singer limits himself to the food: she had long refused from fast food, flour products, sugar and alcohol. In addition, the celebrity is engaged in a lot sport.

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Valeria trains not only in the gym, but also at home. On your instagram page she shared an exercise that helps to quickly get in shape for the summer. And it does not need to spend money. Instead purchase a gym membership is enough to allocate a place in the room, be patient, pick up a dumbbell and start practicing!

Instead dumbbells can be use the mill bottle, filled with sand or water.

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This post in the social network, the singer called the continuation of the conversation on "how Much money you need to enjoy your reflection in the mirror." Many subscribers we agreed that weight loss requires only willpower and motivation, not material prosperity.

THE ABC RECOMMENDS trouble-Free diet Valeria: the singer told how to lose weight and always stay in the form of

"as you sow, so shall you reap," - says Valery. Therefore, she constantly trains, despite the fact that it is not always easy!

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