Vacuum facial massage: reviews, photos, results

Since ancient times, vacuum facial massage has been used to treat various diseases. In modern cosmetology it is used to rejuvenate and improve the skin. The peculiarity of this facial massage is that it can be done not only in beauty salons, but also at home vacuum banks. Importantly, detailed study of technique to obtain maximum benefit and acquaint yourself with contraindications, because even such a harmless procedure in some cases can harm health.

Varieties of vacuum facial massage

Several types of vacuum facial massage are Known, most of them can be easily done at home.

Depending on the type of massager, there are the following types of vacuum facial massage:

  • silicone cans – easy to use, are used not only in beauty salons, but also at home;

  • glass banks at the expense of a special rubber pump, fastened at one end, is pulling air out of the tank;

  • apparatus massage – used mainly in beauty salons, vacuum massager is presented in the form of an electric apparatus with several nozzles, which allows you to massage different parts of the face;

  • rubber vacuum massager – is the cheapest of the above devices, the way applications similar to the use of silicone cans.

Each type of vacuum facial massage has certain advantages and disadvantages.

Silicone vacuum jars

The Most popular in the practice of vacuum facial massage were silicone jars. They are easy to use and help to quickly and comfortably hold procedure.

Silicone cups for vacuum massage of the face have the following advantages:

  • tightness – vacuum banks have an arc-shaped, dense smooth ring at the base, all this contributes to a smooth glide on the skin and reliable suction while maintaining the vacuum inside;
  • easy to use – banks are small, so they are available for transportation, take up little space, used in different areas faces;
  • durability – due to the unique properties of the material, silicone cans do not break, easy to change and return to their original shape, designed for long-term use.

Press down Lightly on the silicone to fix the jar on the skin.

Note! The harder you squeeze the silicone jar before you fix it on the skin, the stronger the vacuum will be. Thus, it can be adjusted, taking into account sensitivity of the skin.

Apparatus vacuum massage

When performing a vacuum facial massage with a special device, it is possible to adjust the vacuum force, so this procedure is the most safe. The risk of damage to small vessels is minimal. In addition, this method is simple, because you do not have to spend time compressing the edges of the cans. Simply move the convenient handle of the machine in the desired direction.

Note! High-quality devices for vacuum massage are relatively expensive, which is the main disadvantage of this type of procedure. Vacuum cans are more suitable for home use.

Glass vacuum jars

To install the glass vacuum jar on the skin, it is enough to squeeze the pump with your fingers. In this case, the skin is drawn into the container on the several millimeters. The main advantage of glass vacuum cans is their ease of use.

The Main disadvantage of glass vacuum cans is their fragility. If handled carelessly, they can burst.

Note! Perform vacuum massage using glass jars is quite painful, but this procedure is effective. If the pain is so severe that it is difficult to tolerate, you should replace the glass containers silicone cans.

Rubber vacuum massager

Compared to silicone banks, rubber massager face is rude. In this regard, the risk of damage to the skin when using them is much lower.

The Disadvantage of this device is the strong absorption of creams and oils with rubber, which complicates the cleaning process.

the efficiency of the vacuum massage faces

The following effects can be achieved With vacuum facial massage:

  • stretching and relaxation of facial and masticatory muscles in spasm;
  • increased blood flow to tissues and enrichment of their oxygen;
  • improve metabolic processes, accelerate regeneration of cells;
  • decongesting tissues;
  • elimination of toxic and other harmful substances;
  • activation of fibroblasts that produce elastin and collagen;
  • restoration of natural complexion, skin hydration;
  • wrinkle smoothing;
  • normalization of sebaceous work glands'.

The Positive properties of vacuum facial massage are obvious: the procedure provides not only a cosmetic but also a therapeutic effect.

Technique of vacuum face massage

To get the effect and not to harm health, it is recommended to follow the correct technique when performing a vacuum facial massage. If you make mistakes, you can leave bruises and other defects on the skin.

Before you start do facial massage vacuum banks, it is necessary to clean the skin from cosmetics and dirt. For this purpose, standard cosmetic products such as foam for washing, gels, lotions or ordinary soap are used. Wash your face with cool water. Previously, the muscles need to be warmed up by applying oil or cream to the surface of the skin.

When preparatory actions are completed, it is possible to start performance of vacuum cupping massage of the person. It should be done according to certain lines. The jar sticks to the skin and moves smoothly along a given trajectory.

During the forehead massage, movements are performed from the Central part of the forehead to the temporal area, and then from the eyebrows to the hairline. In this case, banks of sizes 22 and 33 mm (first – large, then – small) are used. Massage lines also run along the eyebrows. Do not massage the area century.

Vacuum jars of 33 and 22 mm are used To study the chin area. For the perioral zone, a capacity of 22 mm is used.

To correct the oval of the face, a 33 mm can is used. Massage lines run from the nose, lips to the cheekbone, reaching the ear sinks.

Study of the wings of the nose is a vacuum jar 11 mm. the Massage lines along the nose of the tank with a diameter of 22 mm. Elaboration of the temporal field (from the external tip of the eyebrow down along his temple) – Bank 22 mm.

The Movement of each massage line is performed about 4 times. As you get used to the duration of the procedure should be increased to 15 minutes. 3-4 times a week is enough session, but with minor problems, you can do 1 time per week.

Photo before and after vacuum facial massage

People who have tried vacuum facial massage, leave a lot of positive feedback, and the proof attached photo before and after the procedure to visualize the resulting result.

Video: how to do vacuum facial massage at home

Numerous reviews confirm that vacuum facial massage with jars has a positive effect and helps to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging. But before using the procedure, it is important to consult with experienced cosmetologists. A video below will help to make a vacuum facial massage at home.

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