Useful properties of olive oil | For weight loss and health

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The use of olive oil is known today to many. Since ancient times it acts not only as a food ingredient used in cooking. It is used in folk medicine as a drug, and as an important component of cosmetics. It is used to create balms, Soaps, creams and masks.

The Beneficial properties of olive oil are due to its composition of a huge amount of vitamins (A, E. D, K), trace elements and antioxidants. Thanks to such a rich composition, muscles, bone tissue, intestinal walls are strengthened, aging processes are slowed down. Linolenic, linoleic and oleic unsaturated fatty acids have a beneficial effect on the heart muscle and blood vessels, digestion, metabolism and rejuvenation of the body.

Olive oil is one of the mandatory components anti-aging diets.

Widely used this product in Mediterranean diet, which is recognized as one of the healthiest food systems.

Nutritionists advise to fill fruit and vegetable salads with olive oil (you can eat about two tablespoons a day), or eat a few olives a day.

What else can the olive oil:

  • olive oil improves the functioning of the digestive system and liver, Subject to the recommendations and regular use.
  • Antioxidants and vitamin E contained in olive oil stop the process of premature aging, preventing skin aging.
  • Constantly using this oil can normalize blood flow pressure.
  • Regular consumption of olive oil lowers low density cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol).
  • Choleretic effect and prevention type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases make this product unique in its exceptional utility facility.

But not everyone is aware that olive oil differs in quality produced varieties, and hence brings different benefits when used.

Extra virgin olive oil - first cold pressed oil is 100% absorbed by the human body. It is the best and most useful thanks to the preservation of the first spin almost all useful elements.

Virgin olive oil - second cold pressed oil - is inferior to Extra virgin olive oil as the aroma, taste and color, but its quality remains good enough, because the this stage of production is complete without chemicals.

The Smallest number of useful elements contains Olive oil - oil, distilled from the substrate used in the preparation of the first and second cold pressing, the so-called pulp. Its taste and color qualities are much lower, and to improve the characteristics often mixed with high-quality olive oil.

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