Useful properties of celery for weight loss and health. Types of celery. Recipes soups, salads and juices.

Useful properties of celery

It is believed that celery brings happiness. Previously, it was even hung in houses as a talisman. And in Ancient Greece at all was called magic threshold grass. So what's so magical about this plant? Read and learn.

Types of celery.

Let's see what this wonder plant celery.

It turns Out, there are several species this useful for health and slenderness plants:

  • root
  • leaf
  • petiolate.

And depending on the variety, different parts of it are used for food. Their names speak for themselves.

Celery Root can be eaten raw in salads or cold soups, and hot dishes can be prepared. It contains magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, phosphorus and sodium.

Housewives on article.

To prevent the celery root from losing its pleasant smell during heat treatment, do not cut it too finely. Put it in boiling water and cover with a lid during cooking.

The Petiole variety does not form a rhizome, but the stems grow up to 4 cm in diameter. It is mainly used for the preparation of juicy and healthy salads. This type of plant is rich in vitamins A and C, vitamins B, K and PP. It also contains a lot of mineral salt.

Celery Leaf variety is similar to parsley, but has a completely different smell. These large leaves are used as a seasoning. They contain amino acids, vitamins B, C, E. Juicy leaves of this species can be eaten fresh, and can be dried.

Useful properties of celery.

Due to its unique composition celery has a healing effect on many organs and systems of the body:

  • boosts immunity
  • activates the stomach
  • accelerates metabolism
  • removes from the body decay products and poisons
  • cleans and makes joints movable
  • normalizes blood pressure
  • restores the nervous system from depression, stress, high emotional stress, disorders sleep's.

Celery for weight loss.

Yes, Yes, Yes! Celery is used for weight loss!

This cheap and intricate, the product works wonders and has a dual action on weight. First, he accelerates metabolism and cleanses the body, which already contributes to the normalization of weight. And secondly, celery is a product with negative caloric content. This means that its digestion requires more calories than it contains.

So, for weight loss you can drink juice, eat salad and to cook soup. All cards in hand, as they say.

How to make celery juice.

For this we will need a juicer. Place the stems there cherry celery and get the miraculous nectar of cheerful green color. Celery juice can be mixed with carrot or orange juice, honey, apples, watermelon.

Celery juices should be drunk 20 minutes before meals for weight loss. The content of celery juice should not exceed 100 ml per day.

Celery Salad.

To diversify the diet, you can prepare a vegetable salad with celery root.

Here's a recipe for example. Grate celery, carrots and turnips. Stir, add a little salt and vegetable oil. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Eat your health.

Celery Soups.

Celery root Soup is very popular as the main dish of celery diet.

Prescriptions for there are different. Like this.

Slice 300 g of celery (you can add and leaves), 4-5 tomatoes, 500g cabbage (you can sour), 2 bell peppers. Lower these vegetables in boiling water and cook until tender. Before turning off, add the greens. Cover with lid. Let it brew.

Soup with celery stalk. Boil 4 potatoes and 1 onion in one saucepan. At this time, in a blender, chop 2 stalks of celery, a bunch of parsley and dill. Add the mixture to the broth and cooked vegetables. Continue to grind the total mass with a blender. If the soup is not liquid enough, you can add a little waters. Then place the saucepan again on low heat and cook for another 5 minutes.


Now you know that celery is a magical herb for health and slimness. One use and no calories!

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