Urgent diet: how to lose 7 kg in 7 days. Weekly menu

Before an important event or holidays there is only a week left, and the extra pounds are "stuck" to your body and are not going to leave?

Don't despair! After all, there is a super-effective diet that helps to lose 7 kg in just a week!

Menu for the week


Breakfast: omelet of two eggs + whole grain bread

Lunch: 100 g boiled brown rice + chicken cutlet + 100 g salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers

Dinner: 150 g white fish fillet + glass of one percent of kefir

A day you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water, as it cleanses the body of accumulated harmful substances and accelerates metabolism.


Breakfast: 150 gr cottage cheese + orange

Lunch: 150 gr boiled buckwheat + 100 gr baked Turkey

Dinner: 250 ml vegetable soup-puree

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Breakfast: hard boiled egg + whole grain toast with slice cheese

Lunch: 100 g boiled chicken fillet + 150 g vinaigrette

Dinner: 100 gr cottage cheese

To deceive the brain and eat even a small portion, it is recommended to eat a small spoon, not a dining room.


Breakfast: smoothie made from yogurt, banana and oatmeal

Lunch: Turkey cutlet + 150 gr squash puree

Dinner: 150 gr baked fish


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with tomato + whole wheat bread

Lunch: 150 g of boiled chicken breast + 100 grams of salad greens

Dinner: 150 gr cottage cheese

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Breakfast: baked Apple stuffed with cottage cheese and poured with honey

Lunch: 250 ml of fish soup + 100 g of Bulgarian pepper and cucumber salad

Dinner: 200 ml of natural yogurt with berries

Try to eat at the same time, as it disciplines the body and improves digestion.

Urgent diet you can stick to and stay! After all in hot countries full of healthy seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits. And to travel help service buy tickets aviavi.ru fast, cheap, easy!


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs + orange

Lunch: 250 ml pumpkin soup-puree + 100 gr Turkey

Dinner: 100 gr cottage cheese casserole

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As you can see, you can eat tasty and varied and lose weight. The main thing is to control your portions and drink lots of water!

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