Unusual changes in a woman's body after childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth trigger hundreds of processes in the female body, with the development of which the body is undergoing substantial transformation.

However, there are 3 unusual phenomena occurring in the body of a woman after childbirth, which almost no one tells!

Brain starts to work better

Who have Recently given birth women believe that they have in mind going on a complete mess. However,research results showed that pregnancy and childbirth cause brain reorganization, thereby improving the mental abilities of young mothers.

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Motherhood increases a woman's ability to learn, remember and recognize emotions through facial expressions. This happens in order to better recognize and meet the needs of the baby.

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Voice changes

Staff Of The Sussex the University conducted an interesting research, which showed that after the first birth, the voice of women becomes more low and monotonous. This can not be explained by the aging of the body, as a year later the voice returns to its former frequency.

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Changing the hormonal background – one of the possible explanations for this phenomenon. After delivery in women dramatically decreases the level of the main hormones that affects the dynamics of the vocal cords.

This phenomenon can be explained by behavioral factors. People with low voices are subconsciously perceived to be more Mature, overbearing, and competent, so young moms can lower the timbre of their voices to sound more authoritative.

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Anxiety increases Sharply

Recently who gave birth to woman scares literally all. And that's perfectly normal. The fact that the hormone oxytocin constantly increases the level of anxiety young mothers.

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This hormone activates the maternal instinct. To help could come hormone progesterone, which has a calming effect, but immediately after birth, its level reaches a minimum. Therefore, women should accept that for some time after the birth of the baby they will go crazy with anxiety.

It's interesting! Oxytocin has a nice side, it's not for nothing called the hormone of love. It contributes to the appearance of incredible tenderness to the baby.

As you can see, in the body of a woman after childbirth there are amazing changes that many do not think about!

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