Unmatched Brazilian diet: lose 15 kg in 2 weeks

Brazilian girls - the standard of beauty, attractiveness, sexuality. Every year at Carnaval do Brasil carnivals they conquer not only men but also women with their forms.

Thin waist and lush hips - those proportions that allow you to get the perfect figure, which is called "hourglass". No wonder their fiery peerless diet is so popular among celebrities in everything world.

The Essence of the Brazilian diet

What are the features of Brazilian diet? It implies a thoughtful and balanced diet. You will also have to calculate calories, because you can achieve an effective result only if they are strictly limited.

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Effective Brazilian diet can be of two types: long, which is designed for 2 weeks, and short-term duration of 7 days. But nutritionists are advised to choose the second option, as it is safer for health and well-being.

The Peculiarity of the Brazilian diet is the following:

  • loyalty in the menu;
  • meals at least 5 times a day;
  • varied diet;
  • no hunger.

If clearly to adhere to all recommendations, then for 2 weeks can be get rid of 15 kg.

Advantages Brazilian diet

The Benefits of the proposed diet of Brazilians are obvious. This diet is incredibly effective - it it allows you to get rid of fat in the most problematic places without hunger strikes with a hearty, varied and tasty diet. Everything else, during this period, muscle mass will grow.

This method of weight loss is based on the inclusion of a large number of vegetables in the diet. And they contain a lot of fiber, which will normalize the gastrointestinal tract. This diet is focused not only on weight loss, but also on cleansing and improving the body.

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Recommendations on nutrition

It is easy enough to Stick to the Brazilian diet. But there are some rules:

5 meals a day

Portions should be small, but the last reception - at least 3 hours before sleep's. Getting up from the table should be with a feeling of light hunger, which will disappear after 20-30 minutes.

Regular workouts

Several times a week you should visit the gym or perform exercise at home. It is recommended to thoroughly work through all the problem areas, including the buttocks, hips, hands, stomach.

Fast walking is a great opportunity to diversify your training.


To achieve good results, we should not forget about the water. Every day you need to drink at least 2 liters of clean filtered water. But to avoid swelling, you need to try the main share drink in the morning, not before bed!

the Basis of the diet - fiber and proteins

The Brazilian diet is based on vegetables and protein foods. It is recommended to bet on tomatoes, lean meat, beets, a variety of greens, eggs, potatoes, carrots, low-fat fish. But the number of spices and spices should be reduced.

Approximate menu for 1 day

Based on the basic requirements of this unique weight loss system, make a rough version of the menu for 1 day is not so difficult. The daily diet can be as follows:

  • Breakfast vegetables, steam scrambled eggs + 1 Cup of coffee on the bean;
  • lunch: any medium-sized fruit;
  • Lunch: vegetable salad, seasoned with butter, + grilled chicken breast;
  • Snack: unsweetened red tea;
  • Dinner: lettuce, 1 cucumber + 100g white fish, steamed.
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Out of this diet should be smoothly and gradually. Otherwise, all efforts will be in vain, and the lost weight will soon return and "lead" a couple of new kg.

Diet Deficiencies and contraindications

The proposed method of weight loss there are some drawbacks, like every other diet. First of all – it is stress for the body. If you are used to eating a lot of pastries, sweets, fatty dishes prepared by frying, if you often have a snack on the run hot dogs and pizza, then you will have a very difficult. The fact that the body is just not used to eat properly.

In this diet is high in protein. This indicates that there may be failures in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Include bran in your diet. This will help the intestines by adding fiber to the menu.

Among other defects, it is worth noting the strict limits. But to survive them! The main thing is to find a strong motivation.

It is Equally important to take into account that the Brazilian diet will have to be abandoned by those who have diseases:

  • liver;
  • hearts;
  • stomach;
  • vessels;
  • kidneys.

This technique weight loss is contraindicated in people with asthma and a tendency to allergies. Also it should be abandoned pregnant women, women on GW.

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Brazilian diet - effective blow to excess kilograms. It transforms the body as a whole, making it more fit, slim, beautiful and healthy. You do not need to be afraid of sagging skin, hunger, vitamin deficiency and other "charms" of standard diets. In this case, they are excluded!

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