Unloading fruit diet for weight loss and cleansing the body, reviews

Fruit dietIf you like fruit, try fruit diet. The fact that fruit is a source of vitamins and nutrients is known to all.

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But it should be remembered that most fruits contain a lot of sugars, and some of them are very high in calories.

Fruit Fasting diet (or fruit-and-vegetable diet) will allow you to rest overloaded after the holidays gastrointestinal tract, improve well-being. Such diets are not recommended for longer than a week, as they can not be call balanced on nutrients.

It is Best to arrange fruit fasting days 1-2 times a week, with a month you can lose 4-6 kg.

Diet fruit and vegetable diet

During the day can be consumed any vegetables and fruits (except grapes and bananas) in any form, while cooking without adding oil, sauces and seasonings.

In a small amount you can eat dried fruits, nuts and seeds, and drink fresh juices, diluted with half water.

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