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the slag-Free diet is a short-term detox plan. The main purpose of the menu "without toxins" – to clean the intestines, adjust the chair, reduce swelling. Naturally, a certain amount of fat will also burn, but it should be remembered that most of the "plumb" is the contents of the intestine and excess fluid retained in the body.

Hence the conclusion – if you need to reset a lot, try to start with a cleaning slag-free diet, but go for something more reasonable in at least 1-2 weeks. Otherwise, the weight will be gained again, and your unhealthy habits will contribute to the repetition of the cycle "unloading – feast".

Besshlakovaya diet on 3 days

There are 2 popular cleaning (uncindery) menu. Sometimes they are advised to "pass" one by one, but remember that doing so, you risk slowing down the metabolism, or get the whole range of problems associated with failure, because diets are very low in calories. Active training during detox is also contraindicated.

Cleaning menu 1:

Day 1

2 liters of broth cooked in water a pound of cabbage. Actually, boiled cabbage with a teaspoon of olive oil and herbs. This "splendor" should be divided into 5 methods and eat cabbage, drinking broth. Also you can take mineral water, ordinary water, but no tea or coffee.

Day 2

Cut 1 kg leek and boil in 1, 5 liters of water. The resulting "soup" is divided into 5 portions and eat during the day. You can add a little olive oil and herbs. Water is not limited.

Day 3

1 kg of stem celery, 200 g of cucumber, bunch of greens. Of these products, it is recommended to prepare a salad. Season with a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil, do not salt. Then do similarly – divide the salad into 4-5 portions and eat during the day.

Menu 2:
This uncindery diet is based on eating fruits.

Day 1

Breakfast: preheated mineral water without gas. An Apple in half an hour.
Lunch: 2 bananas, mineral water
Dinner: berries, fruit in an amount not exceeding 400 g.

Day 2

Breakfast: 1 banana, water
Lunch: 200 g any fresh berries, Apple
Dinner: 2 pears.

Day 3

Breakfast: Apple, water
Lunch: 1-2 pears
Dinner: berries or citrus.

The Advantage of these slag-free diets is their simplicity. Digestion will really accelerate after consuming enzyme-rich foods. However, both diets do not contain protein, and can not be used on a long-term basis.

Uncindery diet with protein products

This "besshlakovy" diet is based on the theory separate power, which removes toxins and cleanses the intestines. You can stick to it for 2-3 weeks.
An additional condition is the exclusion of the following products:

  • All pickles, marinades, Korean and Japanese traditional salty food;
  • Fatty meat and poultry;
  • Fatty soup with sauerkraut;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Milk soups;
  • Coffee and tea, can be only herbal broths;
  • Sausages and cheeses, as well as pennies and herring.

The Basis of slag-free food should be fresh and stewed vegetables and fruits. Eat 2-4 fruits separately from other food, for snacks, and 3 vegetable dishes in the main meals.

At the time of disposal of toxins, most naturopaths are advised to abandon meat and fish, or limit their number to 1-2 portions per week.
However, for a person "alien" to the ideas of vegetarianism, and just trying to improve health, we can recommend the use of 2-3 modest portions of low-fat poultry or white fish per day.

The Main thing – not combine poultry and fish with porridge and potatoes, and eat them only with vegetables. In addition, a good option would be a combination of vegetables with buckwheat or brown rice. On this diet it is not recommended to eat more than 300-400 g of food at a time, and arrange less than 4 - 5 meals.

It Should be remembered that such cleansing diets are not suitable for everyone, and in each case it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Fitness trainer Elena Selivanova – for http://www.AzbukaDiet.ru/.

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