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Evalar Company is engaged in the production of a well-known line of tools for weight loss Turboslim. Most often used tablets presented in the form of dietary Supplements. As the manufacturer assures, they not only get rid of extra pounds, but also strengthen the organs and the whole body. Despite the claims of the manufacturer, reviews by real people about Drug for weight loss quite controversial. To understand whether or not to use "miracle pills" for figure correction, you need to learn more about their characteristics.

What is the Drug?

Almost every person who is overweight, asks the question: how to lose weight quickly and effectively without causing harm to health. Nutritionists from all over the world recommend the only correct way: proper nutrition in combination with physical activity. However, some reviews of real people – doctors and slimming – expressed in favor of Turboslim Slimming capsules, which are quite effective, safe and have a relatively low price. The drug is suitable for women and men who are tired of exhausting diets and endless workouts in the gym.

Dietary Supplements of a popular line of weight-loss drugs, which has no analogues in Russia. Pills diet pills for weight loss manufactured by a unique technology, their effect prove numerous studies, reviews of slimming buyers and nutritionists.

Note! Means the Drug release not only in the form of capsules. There are other forms of release: tablets, protein powder, solution, bars, cream. The action of each of the presented funds is aimed at reducing excess weight. In addition, it allowed the combination of several drugs to obtain a greater effect. The most popular tablets and capsules Turboslim, so more often only you can find reviews of real people about them.

Composition and useful actions capsules Turboslim

The Drug Turboslim is divided into three types of capsules intended for morning, lunch and evening reception. The components of these tools come into active interaction with each other, as a result of which it is possible to achieve maximum effect.

Capsules for morning use consist of the following components:

  • extract from red algae – promotes water excretion and improves blood circulation in the body;
  • guarana extract – activates the effect of adrenaline, so that the process of weight loss is much faster;
  • vitamin C, calcium, red grape leaf extract – contribute to a better microcirculation, improves a metabolism in tissues, increases muscle and vascular tone.

As for Turboslim-day, the drug has the following composition:

  • hay extract and fennel – have a laxative effect, improve bowel function, prevent stagnation of fecal masses;
  • extract from Garcinia, prickly pear flowers, corn stigmas, chromium in organic form – reduce appetite due to the complex action of the components, restore metabolic processes in the body, stimulate fat oxidation, relieve swelling;

For evening reception Turboslim-night which contains in the structure the following components is recommended:

  • lemon balm extract – calming effect, promotes rapid sleep and sound sleep;
  • Garcinia extract, chromium, L-carnitine – improve the oxidation of fats, which contributes to their active excretion;
  • extract of fucus and hay – soften the fecal mass and contribute to their rapid excretion from the intestine, which does not linger and accumulate toxins and toxins in the body (provide easy morning emptying).

Note! Between doses of the drug for weight loss is recommended to drink sachet, which is a herbal tea that cleanses the kidneys and lymph.

Enough dissolve sachet in 1 liter of water to enjoy a healthy tea. The main component of the drink is oligofructose. It consists of dietary fibers that dissolve quickly and help to restore the beneficial microflora, thereby improving the functioning of the intestine. As you know, it is necessary for weight loss. In addition, the composition of the sachet includes lemon juice, strengthens the immune system and enriches the body with vitamin C. It helps the immune system to fight various infections. Upon this rich composition of Sasha does not end there. It contains extracts of green tea, fennel, artichoke, prickly pear flowers. These components in the complex normalize the kidneys and liver, accelerate fluid circulation in the intercellular space, improve the lymphatic system drains.

Due To the unique composition, which includes only natural ingredients, Turboslim for weight loss has a sufficiently high efficiency and is safe for the human body, which confirm the reviews of doctors and buyers.

Indications for use

Evalar Product is recommended to be used in the following cases:

  • to remove toxins from the body, the tendency to edema;
  • with impaired metabolism;
  • in the presence of excess weight;
  • with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of physical activity;
  • to fight cellulite;
  • if available digestive problems;
  • when excess fluid is retained in the body.

Capsules Turboslim day and night help to lose weight, adapting to the natural biorhythms of man.

Note! There are several programs for weight loss with the help of Turboslim. More details can be found in the instructions attached to the drugs. In addition, there you can find a lot of other useful information about the method of application, side effects and contraindications.

It is Worth noting that the firm Evalar always points to the opinion of experts who confirm that Turboslim – quality and highly effective means for weight loss. In addition, prior to taking the drug can be found with the real reviews of losing weight, who have tried pills and other products Turboslim.

Dosage and method of use

It is Important to note that the dosage and methods of use of the drug depends on its form of release:

  • Bar Turboslim is used as a snack, with the help him quench their hunger between main meals. The bar consists of natural proteins, molasses, cocoa, vegetable extracts'.
  • Cream Turboslim eliminates cellulite, stops the aging process without smoothing the early wrinkles, eliminates pigmentation on the skin. The cream is applied twice a day to the problem areas of the body.
  • Concentrate dissolves in water and is taken with food.
  • Protein shake dissolve in milk or water, use as a bar for a snack.
  • Capsules Turboslim taking is very simple. It is enough to drink 1 capsule of a certain type during meals.

There are also chewable tablets Turboslim recommended to be taken before meals. They are especially useful before a late dinner when hunger does not allow to fall asleep and it is necessary to satisfy it.

Drugs are Drug used is not more than 1 month. If in the future the need for its reception saved, you need to take a break (about 2 weeks), and then repeat the course. The body during this time will recover, rest, accumulate strength for a new fight against excess weight.

Side effects

Despite the natural composition, Turboslim has certain side effects. They should be sure to read the instructions before taking the drug to avoid undesirable consequences.

Side effects after taking the Drug the following:

  • pressure increase;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • cutting abdominal pain;
  • ulcer;
  • weakness;
  • irritability;
  • inflammatory processes in the intestine;
  • disruptions of the menstrual cycle in women;
  • a set of superfluous weight of a body;
  • dehydration;
  • allergic reactions;
  • gastritis;
  • insomnia;
  • dysbacteriosis.

Despite the impressive list of side effects, doctors assure that they can be avoided if properly taken Turboslim. Usually undesirable effects are the result of uncontrolled use of the drug. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions, study the dosages and contraindications before proceeding to reception.


Natural remedy for weight loss is not without contraindications. In order not to cause harm to health, they need to be taken into account. Contraindications of the drug Turboslim the following:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • age until 16 years;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • disorders of the digestive system;
  • diseases stomach;
  • chronic pathologies.

In The presence of chronic diseases before taking the drug Turboslim it is desirable to visit a doctor and consult with him on this issue. During pregnancy and breast-feeding any interference in the work of the body is prohibited. Therefore, women who are carrying a child or are in the lactation period should not start taking the drug for losing weight.

Thus, Drug – natural product, which helps get rid of extra pounds. It has conflicting reviews, as the effect depends on the physiology of the person, his lifestyle and other factors. It is also important whether the exact dosages were sustained and contraindications were taken into account.

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