TRX: how to lose weight with just one simulator

TRX (Total Body Resistance) is a device designed for self-weight training. It represents two slings which are United with each other and easily attached to a strong basis (a door, a horizontal bar and so forth). Various exercises are performed on them in a suspended state.

TRX came up with marine Randy Hetrick, who always had to stay in shape, but regularly go to the gym or wear with a dumbbell no it was not possible. Training slings can also be taken with you anywhere.

How to do the TRX loops

Doing exercises on the simulator is actually not as easy as it might seem looking at the photo. It is necessary to constantly maintain a balance, which requires great endurance. But exercises on TRX help to burn a huge amount of calories and maximize the pump muscles to create a beautiful body relief.

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At first, it is difficult to keep balance and at the same time to observe the correct technique of exercise. Therefore, it makes sense to seek the advice of a TRX coach.

You can Also learn the technique exercises on their own, relying on online workshops. To control the correct position of the body, it is necessary to hang the slings in front of the mirror.

Any kind of exercise has its contraindications, so before classes need consult a doctor.

Benefits of classes on TRX

✔ app Is a versatile trainer with whom you can engage in strength training, cardio, stretching, yoga, functional training, etc. Exercises, it is possible to carry people weighing up to 170 lbs!

✔ app using the TRX it is possible to consider not only the appearance, but deep muscle-stabilizers, which are not always available in classic trainings.

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✔️ Exercises on TRX help to strengthen the spine and achieve Royal posture. At the same time, this simulator is safe for your back.

✔ now the Hinges can be adjusted in height, so you can facilitate or complicate exercises.

✔ app TRX home easy to install and does not occupy much space. Also, this simulator can be taken with you anywhere, as it very compact. It can be mounted on a horizontal bar, a post, a strong tree branch and even a door.

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For many years in a row TRX-training is one of the most popular due to its high efficiency. However, they require you to carefully monitor your breathing and observe the correct technique!

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