Truth and myths about chocolate

All about chocolate: the benefits and harmsChocolate – a product that is loved by almost everyone, as well as any sweet and fat-containing product, he was accused of dental disease, cholesterol increase and a set of extra pounds of weight.

Now nutrition is reconsidering its attitude towards "food of the gods". And this expression is not accidental. The first word in the name of the plant, the fruits of which make cocoa and chocolate – Theobroma cacao, formed from the Greek theos (God) and broma (food.)

  • Immediately let's make a reservation, nutritionists say about the benefits bitter chocolate.

Interesting facts about chocolate

  • the History of chocolate began more than 3000 years ago, it was used still the peoples of the Maya and Aztecs.
  • Originally, chocolate was reserved only for the men.
  • Cocoa beans were used as currency.
  • In the sixteenth century, after chocolate hit Europe, Spanish historian Oviedo wrote:

    Only the rich and noble could afford to drink chocolate, so as he literally saws money.

  • 15 % of the world's female population eats chocolate every day.
  • Most of all chocolate is loved in Switzerland – each person has more than 10 kg per year.
  • In Ukraine you can try "Lard in chocolate", a popular novelty of the British – insects in chocolate, in Bavaria you will offer truffles "chocolate Beer".
  • Chocolate is rich in magnesium and potassium, in addition, the composition includes protein, calcium, vitamins B1 and B2, and in bitter chocolate – iron is present.
  • Cocoa improves the immune system.

Benefits and harms of chocolate, the myths and the attitude to them of modern dietetics

Chocolate excites
The composition of the cocoa really comes theobromine, the "cousin" of caffeine, but stimulant effect it less than ten times.
Chocolate is characterized by a slight stimulating effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Chocolate – culprit excess weight
Indeed, the chocolate bar is 50-60% carbohydrate and 30-35% vegetable fat. One hundred grams of bitter (dark) chocolate contains about 540 kcal, and milk – 565 kcal.
But because chocolate carbohydrates are quickly broken down and consumed, from one square will not harm those who want to lose weight.
There is even chocolate diet for weight loss.

chocolate is the source of energy
Yes, because the product consists of fast-digesting carbohydrates and fats.
Magnesium and potassium contained in chocolate are necessary for the work of the muscular and nervous system, and iron is present in bitter chocolate.
All this makes the chocolate is useful for children (to small quantities of course) and athletes.

Chocolate – the culprit of high cholesterol
No, cocoa contains only "useful" fatty acids (stearic acid), they reduce the level of harmful cholesterol.

chocolate is the culprit for constipation
No, on the contrary, part of the chocolate tannin regulates the intestines and helps to remove toxins from the body. Very useful property for those who want slim.

From chocolate evolves caries
No, the cocoa butter contained in the chocolate envelops the teeth with a protective film and protects them from destruction. Of course, the sugar contained in the chocolate is harmful to the teeth, but dentists consider chocolates less harmful than caramel.

Chocolate is good for the heart and blood vessels
Yes, contained in cocoa beans polyphenols have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular system.

Scientists from Karolinska Institute (Sweden) concluded that cocoa antioxidants improve blood flow and lower blood pressure and can reduce the risk of death after a heart attack as a result of a study involving more than 1,000 people who have experienced a heart attack.

Moscow cardiologists found out as a result of the study, which was attended by 6200 people aged from one year to 97 years,

Among the products containing flavonoids, tea was in the first place in all age groups, and the second and third place was shared by children and adults with chocolate and apples.

Flavonoids are antioxidants, which reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
Flavonoids prevent the occurrence of atherosclerotic plaques in the walls of blood vessels.

According to recent studies, flavonoids can increase blood flow to the brain. This means that chocolate is useful for both schoolchildren and students, helping them prepare for classes, and for the elderly, reducing their risk of dementia.

Scientists from Yale University received the following study result:

Consumption of dark chocolate for a short period significantly improved the function of blood vessels, it is emphasized that only healthy people participated in the study.

And British scientists have found that chocolate prevents blood clots, which become the causes of heart attacks and other vascular diseases. Two teaspoons of dark chocolate a day is enough for achieve a favorable effect.

Another study by British scientists showed that:

Moderate daily consumption of chocolate containing more than 50 % cocoa products slows down the aging process.
Bitter chocolate is useful for the skin – reduces the likelihood of wrinkles and skin cancer.

So, the doctors believe chocolate is quite a useful product, this is usually the case to bitter chocolate, which is rich in plant fibers, potassium, magnesium and antioxidants.

But, enjoying chocolate, do not forget, any useful product with excessive consumption becomes harmful.

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