Training program for weight loss men in the gym and at home. Training for drying (video)

Training for men for weight lossMiddle age – it is time to start thinking not only about his age, but and about its looks. A get up from the sofa and trying to throw naidennye years pounds. To achieve some effect, it is necessary to develop an action plan that will lead to a positive result.

How to lose weight to men with the help of training?

If women, deciding to deal with fat deposits and extra pounds, immediately go on a diet, with a strong half of humanity is another story. Lose weight in strength training for men is much easier and faster. But to achieve the most optimal result is better combine sport with proper nutrition.
Training for men for weight loss should consist of two equivalent components – cardio and strength exercises. The first will help to burn excess fat, and the second – to consolidate the result and build muscle mass. As a rule, the main problem area of the strong half is the stomach.
No need to go too far with training, especially for those who can not boast of good health. If your case is too launched and overweight up to 20 kg and more, you do not need to load yourself with cardio exercises. They can negatively affect the work of the heart.
Training for men for weight loss

Schedule your workouts at the gym for weight loss

Naturally, you can train at home. However, the most effective training for men's weight loss takes place in the gym. The schedule of classes is determined by the work of the hall. But the best time for this – the morning hours from 10.00 to 12.00, as well as evening – from 18.00 to 20.00. The duration of training for men to lose weight should be at least 2 hours. This is the only way to achieve some effect. Classes in the hall have the advantage also due to the presence of simulators there. Complexes are developed with the condition of alternation. Be sure to start with a warm-up or light exercises. The gym coach can develop an individual program for everyone, but in General it has the following form:

  • track running/jumping on jump rope;
  • classes on the bar/work with the bar;
  • dumbbells: lunges/dumbbells: Mahi;
  • simulator for flexion-leg extension/sit-UPS right;
  • working on breeding/limb squats with a weight (barbell).

Training for men for weight loss

Training Program for slimming men at home

But those who do not have the opportunity or time to go to the gym, can learn a special complex, which is held at home. Only need to remember about pace, which should be enough rapid and uniform.

  1. To start, to warm up, to conduct twisting exercises or to perform vaulting.
  2. the Next block is squats. Their number is 50 times.
  3. To conduct training at home, you should purchase free weights. Squeeze them 15 times with both hands, 10 with each hand alternately.
  4. The dumbbells have hands, but the legs also do not need to rest for a long time. Squat again, but a slightly smaller number of times – 40.
  5. Perform push-UPS. The number should not exceed 15 times.
  6. Complete complex squats in the amount of 30 times.

Training for men for weight loss
Training for weight loss men, reviews of which are positive, should not be carried out daily in this format. When you get used to the loads, the number of times for each item should be gradually increased. It is necessary to alternate the given complex with another:

  • jumping rope – 120 times;
  • push-UPS – 20 times;
  • Mahi hands with dumbbells – on 15 on each hand;
  • jumping rope – 100 times.

Regardless of where you train – in the gym or at home, it is necessary to observe the diet, as well as the regularity of classes. The only way your body will be in perfect shape.

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