Training program for ectomorph at home

a Characteristic feature of ectomorph – thin build and light weight. Limbs are narrow, chest girth is almost equal to the waist and hips. The advantage of this Constitution – almost complete absence of fat deposits. Ectomorphs have a high level of metabolism and good endurance, which is achieved by the viscous muscles. People of this type of exercise are given enough It's easy.

Program Features workouts for ectomorph

There are certain features of the training program for ectomorph, which should be considered:

  • maintain muscle tension for a long time ectomorphs undesirable because increased muscle loss – training should be short, but intense (enough 1 hour);
  • do not have to deal with every day, enough for 4-5 lessons per week with no other exercise;
  • if there is other physical activity, it is necessary to reduce the number of sessions to 3 workouts per week;
  • ectomorph needs a lot of time to recover – experts recommend to allocate 1 day a week to a certain group of muscles;
  • most importantly, the lack of haste, it is important to give your muscles to relax. between repetitions at least one minute;
  • two types of exercises are used for a small group and three for a large group of muscles;
  • Ektomorf don't need to interrupt your workout because you may lose previously obtained results.

Adhering To such recommendations, ectomorph can successfully and quickly gain weight to pump up muscles without harm to health.

Example training program for ectomorph

Training program for ectomorph

Specially for newbies-ectomorphs programs were established for the recruitment of muscle mass, based on the basic exercises. They will help to gain weight correctly.

Two-Day split for ectomorph

Split for 2 days consists of complex exercises to work out all the muscles.

Exercises for the first day:

  • bench press - 3 repetitions 6-8 one;
  • press, performed in the supine position, narrow grip – 3 repeat 6 times;
  • Jim French from a prone position – 3 repeat 10 times;
  • press, performed on an inclined bench – 3 repetitions of 8 times;
  • press the bar from the chest, performed from the standing position – 3 repeat 10 times;
  • Mahi dumbbells on the sides - 3 repeats 10 times;
  • sit-UPS are performed on a bench - 4 repeat (maximum.)

Do Not stop there, even if fatigue after the first day of classes makes itself felt. If you feel a slight pain, you can be sure that you have chosen the right path.

Training program for ectomorph

Exercises for the second day:

On the second day of training, which is aimed at strengthening the back muscles, legs, biceps and press:

  • upgrades barbells on the bicep – 3 repeat 10 times;
  • exercise "hammer" with weighting – 3 repetitions of 10 times;
  • rod thrust while in tilt – 3 repeats 6 times;
  • deadlift – 3 reps 6 times;
  • squats with a load in the form of a rod – 3 repetitions of 8 times;
  • leg lifts are performed lying on a bench - 4 repeat (as many times as possible).

Three-Day split for ectomorph

Training for ektomorph in this case is designed for 3 days. In this period of time it is possible to carefully pump all muscle groups. Do not forget about the rest, which is so necessary for people with ectomorphic body type.

Training program for ectomorph

First, the load is directed at the chest muscles, press and triceps.

Exercises for the first day:

  • bench press – 3 repeat 6-8 times;
  • breeding hands with weighting lying down – 3 repeat 8-10 times;
  • push-UPS, performed on bars – 3 repeat 8-10 times;
  • triceps on the block 3 repeat 10-12 times;
  • lifting the body, performed on the bench - 5 repetitions (maximum number of times).

Exercises for the second day:

In the second day split should to continue classes, aimed at increasing muscle mass. Will have to do the following exercises:

  • bench press bar away from your chest while in the standing position, and 3 repeat for 8 times;
  • dumbbell bench press from a seated position – 3 repeat for 8-10 times;
  • Mahi dumbbells on the sides – 3 repeats 8 times;
  • squats are performed with a barbell – 3 repeat for 8 times;
  • bench press, running feet and 3 repeat for 8 times;
  • leg lifts lying - 4 repetitions to the maximum.

Exercises for the third day:

Two days of training behind us, left the last day before vacation. But this does not mean that you need to be careless about the lessons.

The Third day includes the following exercises:

  • sitting position: upper block pull to chest – 3 repeats 8 times;
  • pull rod with the implementation of the tilt – 3 snooze 6 times;
  • thrust dumbbell torso, performed with one hand - 3 repeat 6-8 times;
  • deadlift – 3 reps 6 times;
  • lifting barbells for biceps (grip away from you) – 3 repeat 10 time.

Four-Day split for ectomorph

Four days will be carefully pumped all the muscles. If at first the exercises are hard, by the fourth day the body will get used to the loads.

Training program for ectomorph

Exercises for the first day:

The first day is working out the muscles of the chest, press and triceps:

  • bench press - 3-4 repetitions 6-8 times;
  • press lying on the bench on incline - 3-4 repeat for 8 times;
  • breeding hands with weighting lying down - 3-4 repeat 8-10 times;
  • triceps on the block with a small weight - 4 repeat 15 times;
  • the rise of the case, lying on a bench - 5 sets of maximum possible number of times.

Exercises for the second day:

If the upper body muscles are pumped on the first day, the second legs, shoulder girdle and press again are involved:

  • press the weights from the standing position - 4 repeat 10 times;
  • Mahi hand-to-hand weights - 3-4 repeat 10 times.
  • squats with barbell - 3-4 reps 6-8 times;
  • the leg press - 3 repeat for 8-10 times;
  • leg extension on the machine - 3-4 repetitions of 10-12 times;
  • the leg curl on the machine - 3-4 repeat 8-10 one;
  • the rise of the legs, selecting the supine position on the bench - 4 repetition with the maximum possible number of times.

Exercises for the third day:

On the third day, you should work through the dorsal muscles and biceps:

  • the thrust of the upper block, runs towards the chest – repeat 4 to 8 times;
  • pull rod that runs the tilt - 3-4 repeat 6-8 one;
  • deadlift – 3 reps 6 times;
  • lifts weights on the bicep - 4 repeat 10 times.

Exercises for the fourth day:

On the fourth day, a large load falls on the triceps and biceps ectomorph. As for light exercises, they are used to work out the muscles of the chest. The load of medium gravity is on the press.

You will Need to do the following list of exercises:

  • bench press narrow grip - 3-4 repeat 6-8 times;
  • the lifting of a weight that is 3-4 repeat for 8-10 times;
  • the rise of the body, is performed lying down on the bench - 4-5 sets of the maximum number of times;
  • French bench press from sitting position with weights - 3-4 repetitions 8-10 times;
  • bending type "hammer" - 3-4 repeat 10 times.

Six-Day split for ectomorph

Six-Day training program for ectomorph helps to slowly but surely achieve the desired result – a set of muscle mass. It is preferable to start classes on Monday, and by the end of the week to finish. The main feature of the training – every day stands out elaboration of a certain muscle. This approach is perfect for beginners-ectomorphs. In terms of time, there are approximately 40 lessons per class. minutes'.

Training program for ectomorph

So, six-day split for ektomorfa assumes the next helpfully exercise in train,.

Monday (elaboration of pectoral muscle inflammation):

  • bench press – 4 repetitions 6-8 times;
  • bench press using an inclined bench – 4 repetitions 6-8 times;
  • breeding weighting lying down - 3-4 repeat 8-10 times;
  • pushups of bars with additional weights - 4 repeat 6-8 times.

Tuesday (load on spinal muscles):

  • pull-UPS – 4 repeats 8 times;
  • pull rod, being in the slope – 4-repeat 6 times;
  • deadlift – 3 reps 6 times.

Environment (examination of triceps):

  • position: bench press narrow grip – 4 snooze 8 times;
  • French press by taking the lying position – 4 repeats on 8 times;
  • French press from a seated position, is performed by weighting two hands – 4-repeat 8 times.

Thursday (study of the biceps):

  • the rise of the bar from a standing position 4 repeat for 8-10 times;
  • lifting dumbbells from a seated position 4 repeat for 8-10 times;
  • lifting rod with reverse grip – 4 repeats 10 times.

This Friday (study of the shoulder and deltoid muscle):

  • press the bar in the standing position with the chest up – 4 repeat 6-8 times;
  • Mahi dumbbells on the sides – 4 repeat 8-10 times;
  • sragi with a barbell – 4 repeat 10-12 times;

Saturday (study legs):

  • squats, holding the bar on his shoulders – 4 repeat 6 times;
  • the leg press machine – 4 repeat 6-8 times.

Mode power

Since a lot of energy is spent on training, it must be replenished with proper nutrition, otherwise you can lose weight and, most importantly, precious muscle mass. The daily diet of ectomorph consists of 6-7 meals. Portions should be small. It should be remembered that the body ectomorphs different accelerated metabolism, so it is able to burn a huge amount of calories. Products should be rich in protein and contain carbohydrates.

For muscle mass ectomorph the diet must be present cereals, meat, fish. Ektomorf don't have to go hungry, especially during physical exertion. It is advisable to always carry something for a snack, if you suddenly want to eat in the wrong place. It can be nuts, apples or other products. If you ignore these recommendations, training will not benefit, and the weight will only decrease and muscle mass will not increase exactly. First of all the queue will begin to burn the muscles, and, as you know, in ectomorphs they do not differ in increased growth.

Training program for ectomorph

You Can use a variety of dietary supplements designed for athletes. Typically, it is a mixture of proteins that act as a building material for the muscles.

Video: the program of recruitment of muscle mass for ectomorphs

Beginners are better off using the help of professionals to perform exercise correctly. For those who decided to seriously engage in training at home, presented a video. It clearly shows the training program to gain muscle mass for ectomorphs.

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