Top 7 foods for healthy and clean blood vessels

Healthy blood vessels are an important condition for maintaining physical and mental activity until old age. And it directly depends on nutrition.

Regular consumption of sausages, fatty dairy products, smoked products, sweets and fast food sooner or later guarantees the appearance of problems with blood vessels. To avoid this, today it is necessary to form a diet that will be the key to vascular health systems!

Sea cabbage

In seaweed (kelp) contains an antagonist of cholesterol - betasitosterin. It dissolves cholesterol plaques deposited on the walls of blood vessels, and prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

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If you can not stand the taste of seaweed, then just add to the finished dishes a teaspoon of powdered kelp as a substitute for salt. The taste will be imperceptible, and nutrients are well absorbed by the body.


Pumpkin is recommended for the health of the heart and blood vessels in any form. It can be baked, stewed, boiled and eaten raw in salads. Very useful and pumpkin juice, which can be mix with other vegetable or fruit juices.

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Pumpkin famous for being:

  • removes toxins and does not clog the lumen of blood vessels;
  • reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood;
  • strengthens and nourishes the heart muscle;
  • helps normalize weight.


A Large amount of potassium and calcium in apples helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduce their permeability and increase elasticity. Among other things, in apples contains valuable photoelement quercetin, which prevents the appearance of blood clots. Therefore, it is recommended to eat 2 apples a day.

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Dry Red wine

Drinking a small amount of dry wine once a month helps:

  • reduce the number endotelialnogo protein, which causes sclerosis of the blood vessels;
  • increase the concentration of nitrogen in the blood;
  • to maintain skin elasticity vessels'.
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It is about vintage dry wines, not table or sweet tinctures. The latter only increase the pressure and do not have the useful properties of quality wine.


This vegetable is traditionally considered to be one of the most necessary to maintain the health of blood vessels. In raw and boiled beet:

  • clean arteries;
  • lowers blood pressure;
  • strengthens blood vessels and heart muscle.
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If for three weeks constantly take freshly squeezed beet juice, the tests for "bad" cholesterol will show pleasant change. It is best to combine beet juice with carrot or pumpkin.


BlackBerry strengthens blood vessels, maintains normal composition of the blood and prevents the development of thrombosis.

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In Addition, it improves the permeability of blood vessels, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke. Just half a Cup of blackberries a day helps reduce the likelihood of these ailments almost twice!


Today useful properties of honey recognized not only folk, but also scientific medicine. This product does not clog blood clots and cholesterol, and provides the heart with the necessary minerals.

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Therefore, honey is recommended to replace sugar. But still, do not abuse this product, because it does not differ in low calorie.

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Observe certain rules of nutrition for health vessels and you'll save the young, active, vigorous body, and spirit!

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