TOP 5 things that gives the daily implementation of the bar

Plank – one of the most popular exercises that can be performed anywhere and without any special equipment. It looks quite simple, but it makes almost all muscle groups work.

Let's see what happens to our body during the plank and why it should be included in your daily exercise program!

5 reasons to do daily bar

The seemingly easy exercise has a unique effect on our body. However, few people can clearly answer what exactly gives the bar.

And she gives much:

1. Beautiful posture, excellent coordination and endurance. the Bar strengthens the cortex muscles, which are responsible for the reliable stabilization of the spine and thighs, as well as for the coordinated work of the rest of the muscles of the human body. Developed muscle cortex is expressed in beautiful posture, endurance and good coordination.

2. Flat stomach. the Bar is recognized as one of the best exercises for a flat tummy, as it involves 100% of the muscles stomach's. It is very useful if there is a layer of fat on the stomach or sagging skin.

3. Strengthening the back muscles. the Strap maintains the strength, elasticity and tension of the back muscles, which may be the best way to prevent various degenerative processes.

4. Increased flexibility and elasticity of the muscles. Performing bar, the gymnast you are, of course, will not. However, this exercise perfectly develops tendons under the knees, making the legs more flexible. In addition, it helps to use the most inaccessible parts of the body for training – shoulder muscles, muscles of the collarbone and shoulder blades.

5. Acceleration of metabolism. Here the bar is not comparable with active cardio exercises, but it makes the fat "burn" more effectively, as the body spends a lot of energy on static loads.

THE ABC RECOMMENDS Efficiency in everything: a single exercise for all muscle groups

If you do not have any physical training, then stand in the bar for 20-30 seconds. Gradually you will be able to increase this time to a minute and a half. Doing the bar in several approaches, you will soon feel the positive effect of this exercise!

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